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Improving your identification skills is part of the fun of birding. The information in this section will be useful for both the beginner to advanced intermediate level birders.

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Improving Your Identification Skills

1. Visit the ID Basics section.

2. The ID Challenges section has information on common birds that can be difficult to identify.

3. If you are a beginner, visit our state birding information section. You’ll find information for bird clubs, birding locations and the Nifty Fifty online Bird Guides for your state.

4. Bird Families – Study Guides – A good approach to improving your identifcation skills is to study small groups of birds, as opposed to taking on a field guide with thousands of images.
We are building special Study Guides dedicated to different groups of birds. Each Study Guide will feature multiple images of each species as well as comparison images.
Thirty such Study Guides are currently planned. Two guides are now complete (Egrets and Waterfowl), we will be adding new guides at the rate of one every 1-3 months     –  Go to the Study Guides

5. Apps and eBooks. Our apps and eBooks often correspond to the online sections noted above and offer opportunities for study on mobile platforms.


Other Birders

Your best source of information is other birders.

Spend time in the field. Local or regional field trips are offered by many different organizations. Here are a few sources.

  • local Audubon Societies
  • bird clubs
  • bird specialty stores
  • state and national wildlife refuges and parks
  • state ornithological society

New birders are always welcome to these groups, so don’t be shy.

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Northern Saw-whet Owl

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Mallard (Duck)

Long-tailed Duck

Long-eared Owl

Lesser Scaup

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King Eider

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Hooded Merganser

Harlequin Duck

Green-winged Teal

Greater White-fronted Goose

Greater Scaup

Great Horned Owl

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Flammulated Owl

Emperor Goose

Elf Owl

Eastern Screech-Owl

Eared Grebe

Common Merganser

Common Loon

Common Goldeneye

Common Eider

Short-eared Owl

Clark’s Grebe

Snow Goose

Cinnamon Teal

Spotted Owl

Surf Scoter


Canada Goose

Cackling Goose

Burrowing Owl


Brant (Bird)

Boreal Owl

Western Grebe

Western Meadowlark

Western Screech-Owl

White-winged Scoter

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