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Bird watching, or birding as it is now called,  is one of America’s most popular hobbies.

  • Birding can be done alone or with friends.
  • You can go birding in your backyard or around the world!
  • Bird watching can be a casual endeavor or offer competitive opportunities.
  • Almost anyone can go birding, from kids to grandparents.

Content in this section is primarily for those who already have an interest in birds and bird watching.

Birders often take trips to parks or distant locations to see more birds and a greater diversity of birds.

Birders often keep one or more lists of the birds they see.

The ABCs section has information on getting started with birdwatching.


The Arizona Woodpecker has a very limited range in the United States, primarily in a small part of southeastern Arizona. Photograph © Alan Wilson.

The Backyard Birds section is more focused on attracting feeding birds.

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