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Bingo cards

We are pleased to provide the following information and resources free to anyone involved in education about nature and birds.

10 Birds Guide

An introductory guide for childern, images of 10 birds and an online quiz.

Woodpecker Mini-guide

Check out our new mini-guide to Woodpeckers.  The free download includes calls of 5 woodpecker species.

Bird Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great tool for learning about birds, and can be utilized in numerous ways.

Flash cards for 44 bird species are available.  Each card is a PDF document. The cards print on standard 8.5 x11″ paper.  Fold in the middle to place the image on one side and the description and range map on the other. Print as needed, looks best on glossy paper.

Download here.


Bird Bingo
Everyone enjoys a rousing game of bingo, especially when birds are used instead of numbers.

To play, simply call out the name of a bird instead of a number.

Instructions, a call sheet and 12 bingo cards are provided.  Print the cards on a standard sheet of copy paper and cut in half to create 24 unique cards.

Download Bird Bingo here.

Each bird in the game is included in the Flash Card set above.

Bird Coloring Pages

Younger children will enjoy coloring in these bird outlines.

Click here to download 15 different coloring pages.

QR Coded Birds

One way to get some kids involved is to allow them to use the technology on their smartphones. Users can scan the QR code to load the related descriptive page on the website.

Print on any quality printer, higher quality paper works best.  Two QR pages are provided.

Download here.

Food Match

We have not polished up this page yet, but it can still be used as a learning tool for kids.

Print on a standard copy machine.  Draw a line from a bird to one of its favorite birds.  Answer sheet provided.

Download here.

Royalty Free Bird images

Download this set of royalty-free bird images. 25 species are included.  Some images are suitable for printing.

Free for educators to use on the web or in print, as long as photo credit is provided.  Please reference as © Sam Crowe –

Royalty Free Bird Songs
Liven up your web page by including bird songs.

These songs were taken from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center web site and are available to the public domain.

After downloading, we processed the songs using Audacity software to remove much of the hiss and background noise in the original recordings.

We will add additional songs that have been cleaned up at a later date.

1. American Oystercatcher
2. Baltimore Oriole
3. Canada Goose
4. Carolina Chickadee
5. Chipping Sparrow
6. Dark-eyed Junco
7. Downy Woodpecker
8. Eastern Bluebird
9. Eastern Phoebe
10. Gray Catbird

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