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State Birds information Each state has its own birding personality, good birding locations, events and bird clubs.

Select your state of interest from the list on the left for specific information.

Each state (except Hawaii) has a mini-guide with 50 common species for that state. The mini-guides, called the Nifty-Fifty, include images, songs, movies (most species) and descriptions for the selected species. Please allow time for the mini-guides to load, as the Flash program is large.

Each mini-guide includes 25 of the most commonly reported birds (for that state), based on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Project Feeder Watch. Additional species were selected based on a variety of criteria, including most often seen, very colorful, offer comparisons of similar species, and to increase the diversity of bird families represented

Adjacent states will usually have only a few different species, but those differences do add up. Over 200 species are represented in the mini-guides.  Select nearby states and then slowly move to more distant ones to increase your exposure to many common species across the country.

If you are relatively new to birding, the following states are well known for offering excellent birding opportunities.


Coastal regions often provide a variety of habitat and birds.

Check the Birding Hot Spots section for 25 excellent birding locations.

Here is a short-cut list for the bird guides for 49 states.

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Minnesota State Bird – The Common Loon

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Birds of Missouri – Top 35 Most Common Species

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36 Most Common Backyard & Wild Birds of Virginia (Incl. Hawks, Woodpeckers & Owls)

Oklahoma State Bird – Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Michigan State Bird – American Robin

The 36 Most Common Birds of Florida

Mississippi State Bird | Northern Mockingbird

State Bird of Hawaii – Hawaiian Goose (Interesting Facts & ID)

The 25 Most Common Birds of Rhode Island

State Bird of Arizona – Cactus Wren (Interesting Facts & ID)

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Florida State Bird – Northern Mockingbird

Georgia State Bird | Brown Thrasher

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15 Most Common Birds In Iowa – Completed Field Guide

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Birds of Maine – Most Common Bird Species Of The State

The 35 Most Common Birds of Maryland

32 Most Common Birds of Massachusetts (Incl. Hawks & Owls)

Michigan Birds – Most Common 21 Species (Based on Data)

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State Bird of Missouri – Eastern Bluebird

Birds of Nebraska – 25 Common Species You Can Spot

35 Most Common Birds of Nevada (That You Can Spot)

New Hampshire Birds – The 27 Most Common Wild & Backyard

Birds of New Jersey – 24 Most Common Birds

25 Most Common Birds of New Mexico [Field Guide]

20 Most Common Birds of North Carolina (Wild & Backyard)

Most Common Birds of North Dakota (Top 25)

Most Common (Wild and Backyard) Birds Of Oregon

Ruffed Grouse – Pennsylvania State Bird (Interesting Facts & Pics)

Birds of South Carolina – 29 Most Common Birds (Incl. Hawks & Owls)

The 35 Most Common Birds of Tennessee

Birds of Utah – 30 Most Common Birds You Can See

Birds of Vermont – The Most Common Bird Species

What is Washington State Bird?

30 Most Common Birds of Wyoming (That You Can Spot)

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