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Bird Coloring Pages (Printables) – 26 Different Birds

Bird Coloring Pages

Our bird coloring pages are meant for everyone – from preschoolers to adults looking to relax or take their minds off other things.

Each bird illustration can be printed and colored with crayons, pencils, and even paints. We also included information for each species.

These coloring sheets are filled with different types of birds – there is something for everyone!


You can color them by:

1. Hand

2. Paint (brush or bucket – all lines are closed)

How to use these bird coloring pages?

Right click -> Save. Open and Print. If you want, you can also add two per page – their size is suitable for this.


Wild Bird Coloring Pages / Song Birds

American Crow

American Crow coloring page

American Crow is a big black bird. It has a hefty beak, long wings, and a medium-length, squared tail. These loud, smart birds can be seen and heard in parks, towns, farm fields, and many other places.

To see what they look like, see images of them at the American Crow’s bird profile.


White-breasted Nuthatch

White breasted Nutchatch coloring page

White-breasted Nuthatch is a small bird with a smart little black cap, white face, and gray back. It is white underneath, has a short tail, and likes to creep down trees, headfirst! Look for them in parks, big gardens, at feeders, and in woodlands. They usually move up and down trees, looking for insects.

See images of White-breasted Nuthatches at the White-breasted Nuthatch bird profile.


Red-winged Blackbird

Red Winged Blackbird coloring page

Red-winged Blackbird is a small to medium-sized blackbird with a sharp beak and bright red shoulders. Females have brown and gray streaks. These common birds call, “Kon-ker-eee!” from marshes, brushy fields, and parks.

See images of this species at the Red-winged Blackbird bird profile.


Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker coloring page

Northern Flicker is a big pale brown and gray woodpecker with black barring on its back and wings. It also has a black patch on its chest, and black and red marks on its head. This species is a common bird of parks, golf courses, and other open places near woods.

To see images of this species, see the Northern Flicker bird profile.


Northern Cardinal

Northern-Cardinal coloring page

Northern Cardinal is a small to medium-sized bird with a funny hairdo (a crest), and a strong conical beak. Males are bright red with black on their face and throat, and females are pale brown and gray with red on their beak, crest, wings, and tail. This pretty bird lives in gardens, parks, and brushy areas.

Kids of all ages will love coloring this bird!

To see images of Northern Cardinals, see the Northern Cardinal bird profile.


Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove Coloring page page

Mourning Dove is a slender, pale brown and gray dove. They have long, pointed tails, a small black mark on their face, and some black spots in their wings. This species is common in parks, gardens, and most places with some woodland habitats.

To see images of this bird, see the Mourning Dove bird profile.


House Sparrow

House sparrow coloring page

House Sparrow is a small, brown and gray sparrow. Males have rich, red-brown on their back and wings, and a black throat. Females are plainer pale brown with a buff eyebrow and streaks on their back. They live on streets, on farms, and other places near people.

See House Sparrow images at the House Sparrow bird profile.


Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker coloring page

Downy Woodpecker is a small black and white woodpecker with a short beak. They can also have a small red patch on their heads. This woodpecker can visit backyard feeders and lives in parks, woodlands, and big gardens.

See images of Downy Woodpeckers at the Downy Woodpecker bird profile.


European Starling

Common starling coloring page

Common Starling (or European Starling) is a small to medium-sized, glossy black bird.But if you take a closer look, it’s easy to see that they have different colors on their feathers. They have yellowish beaks and, in winter, have gray heads and red-brown wings. These common birds live in towns, parks, and many other places.

European Starlings are originally from Europe, but they were introduced back in the 19th century. Since then, their populations have grown enormously.

This bird coloring sheet depicts one on a wire. You can generally spot them near trees and on the ground, looking for worms.

See images of this species at the European Starling bird profile.


Blue Jay

Blue Jay coloring page

Blue Jay is a medium-sized, gray and blue bird with a crest and a stout black beak. It is bright blue above, gray below, and has a narrow black necklace. Blue Jays live in woodlands, parks, and towns with lots of big trees.

See images of Blue Jays at the Blue Jay bird profile.


Black-headed Grosbeak

Black-headed grosbeak coloring page

Black-headed Grosbeak is a small to medium-sized, pumpkin-orange and black bird with a big, thick beak. It also has yellow on its belly and some white markings in its wings and tail. Watch for Black-headed Grosbeaks in forests and parks in western states and provinces.

See images of this pretty bird at the Black-headed Grosbeak bird profile.


Black-capped Chickadee

Black-Capped-Chickadee coloring page

Black-capped Chickadee is a very small, cute little bird with a rounded head, black cap, and black throat. It also has a stubby beak, white on the side of its head, and is gray above and pale tan below. These cute birds live in big parks and woodlands. Take a closer look at a tree branch, and you might see one!

See Black-capped Chickadee images at the Black-capped Chickadee bird profile.


American Robin

American Robin coloring page

American Robin is a medium-sized bird that is gray above and brick-red and white below. It also has a yellow beak, and a black head with white markings around its eyes and on its throat. American Robins live in parks, wooded areas, in towns, and in gardens.

See images of this species at the American Robin bird profile.


American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch coloring page

American Goldfinch is a small, bright yellow finch with a conical buff-colored beak. It also has a black cap and small white markings on its black wings and tail. Watch for this pretty little bird at feeders, in parks, and in brushy and weedy fields. They are easy to recognize, thanks to their bright colors!

See American Goldfinch images at the American Goldfinch bird profile.


Bird Coloring Pages of Owls & Hawks

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed hawk coloring page

Red-tailed Hawk is a big bird of prey that is brown above and mostly white below. It has long, broad, soaring wings, long tail feathers, and dark marks on its belly. This common hawk lives on farms, in woods, in parks, and even in many cities.

See images of Red-tailed Hawks at the Red-tailed Hawk bird profile.


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle coloring page

Bald Eagle is a huge raptor with a big, hooked yellow beak. This impressive bird is chocolate brown with a bright white head and tail. It lives in coastal areas and in places with lakes, rivers, marshes, and other wetlands.

Bald Eagles inhabit most of North America, but are better-known as a symbol of the United States.

See Bald Eagle images at the Bald Eagle bird profile.


Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl coloring page

Northern Hawk Owl is a medium-sized, slender owl with a long barred tail. They are dark brown above, have fine dark barring below, and a black and white head. This species mostly lives in remote northern forests.

To see images of Northern Hawk Owls, see the Northern Hawk Owl bird profile.


Short-eared Owl

Short Eared Owl Coloring page

Short-eared Owl is a medium-sized owl with short ear tufts, and black markings around its bright yellow eyes. It is dark brown above, has some dark brown streaks on buff underparts, and buff patches in its long wings. This owl species flutters over big fields and other open habitats, sometimes during the day.

See images of Short-eared Owls at the Short-eared Owl bird profile.


Great Gray Owl

Great-gray-owl-coloring page

The Great Gray Owl is a huge owl with a round head, and mottled dark gray plumage. It also has small, bright yellow eyes, a patch of white on its throat, and a narrow black border on its round face. This big owl lives in remote northern bogs but sometimes winters in forest next to fields in the northern USA.

See images of Great Gray Owls at the Great Gray Owl bird profile.


Bird Coloring Pages of Wading / Water Birds

Canada Goose

Canada Goose coloring page

Canada Goose is a big gray and brown waterbird with a black neck, and a black head with a white throat. It also has a black, duck-like beak, white belly, and long, broad wings. Canada Geese are common birds on golf courses, marshes, and parks.

See Canada Goose images at the Canada Goose bird profile.


Fulvous Whistling-Duck

Fulvous-Whistling duck coloring page

Fulvous Whistling-Duck is a big, pale brown duck with a big gray beak, and a bit of white on its throat. It also has red-brown markings on its back and black wings, and a dark tail. This duck is an uncommon bird of rice fields and marshes in some southeastern states.

See images of the Fulvous Whistling-Duck at the Fulvous Whistling-Duck bird profile.


Great Blue Heron

Great blue heron coloring page

Great Blue Heron is a big pale gray wading bird with a strong, pointed, dark yellow beak. It has black markings on its pale head, and has gray, tan, and black on its underparts. This species is a common bird in marshes, and along rivers, lakes, and other wetlands, even in cities.

See Great Blue Heron images at the Great Blue Heron bird profile.


Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis coloring page

Glossy Ibis is a medium to large, dark purple-brown wading bird with glossy green on its wings. It also has a long neck, a long curved beak, and a narrow white line where its beak meets its face. This species lives in marshes from coastal Texas to Florida and the east coast.

See images of the Glossy Ibis at the Glossy Ibis bird profile.


Ring-billed Gull

Ring billed gull coloring page

Ring-billed Gull is a medium-sized, pale gray gull with a black ring around its yellow beak. It also has pale yellow legs, a white head and underparts, and black and white wing tips. Ring-billed Gulls live near lakes, rivers, and in many urban areas.

See images of Ring-billed Gulls at the Ring-billed Gull bird profile.


Mallard (male)

Male Mallard coloring page

The male Mallard is a medium to big duck with a shiny, dark green head, narrow white collar, and a rich brown chest. It also has a yellowish beak, and a pale tan and gray body with black near its tail. Mallards live on lakes and many other wetlands in parks, urban areas, and wilder places.

See images of male Mallard ducks at the Mallard bird profile.


Mallard (female)

Mallard coloring page

The female Mallard is a medium to big, mottled brown and buff duck. She also has a dark line through her eyes, orange legs, and an orange and gray beak. Female Mallards can be seen on park ponds, lakes, and many other wetlands.

See images of female Mallard ducks at the Mallard bird profile.

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