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10 Most Popular Cartoon Birds

Cartoon birds

Cartoon birds have been winning people’s hearts ever since they found their way to big screens. We all know birds like Donald & Daisy, but are there any other celebrated cartoon birds?

Keep reading to find out!


10. Skipper

Good leaders have concrete goals. They make strategies based on quality data and intelligence, and direct subordinates accordingly. Some leaders are so determined to meet those goals, they will also do anything to make it happen.

Although quick decisions are often necessary, they can lead to unforeseen and hilarious consequences. Skipper the Penguin is one such leader. He can be ruthless but the boss penguin does whatever it takes to boldly lead his penguin family into uncharted territory.


9. Howard the Duck

Who says ducks can’t be superheroes? Hailing from the planet of Duckworld, Howard the Duck vanquishes bizarre supervillains with high intelligence, a cynical attitude, and the martial art known as “Quack-fu”.

Transported to the Florida Everglades by a scientific experiment, he eventually made his home in Cleveland. This down-to-earth but occasionally ill-tempered duck would be happy to simply enjoy smoking his cigars in peace. However, his odd appearance makes him an unwilling participant in further adventures.


8. Blu

Goofy, sincere, and lovable, Blu is a real one-of-a-kind bird. This Spix’s Macaw was truly happy to be the cherished and spoiled companion of his owner, Linda Gunderson. However, when ornithologists and bird smugglers realized that Blue was actually one of the rarest birds in the world, his extra-comfy life took an adventurous turn.

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Although this Spix’s Macaw is often shy and awkward, he is resilient and incredibly courageous when defending family and loved ones.


7. Daisy Duck

Sophisticated and intelligent, Daisy Duck is also a lot more stable than her other half, Donald Duck. While Donald is prone to losing his temper, Daisy is reliable and exhibits more self-control. She sometimes uses those personality traits to keep Donald in line while also meeting her own goals.

Daisy is organized, has social graces, and can be very talkative. On occasion, she is also opportunistic and takes advantage of situations to further her own career.


6. Tweety

Canaries love to sing, but they have to watch for cats that would love to eat them. At least Tweety the bird does! Sweet and innocent, Tweety tells the audience whenever he thinks he sees a cat, “I tawt I taw a poodie cat!”.

Like a true Canary, he spends most of his time singing, occasionally playing an instrument. Tweety is easy-going but always manages to escape being eaten with luck and the help of his owner, Granny.


5. Kevin from Up

Kevin shows that no matter how big, colorful, and exotic a bird might be, it can hide extremely well. This undescribed fictional species has mostly evaded detection by living in dense, remote jungles.

Kevin might be flightless, but this bird runs fast, is acrobatic, and absolutely loves chocolate. It can also form bonds with people who feed it chocolate and become very protective of them. This maternalistic attitude is no surprise, given that Kevin is actually a female bird.


4. Daffy Duck

This classic character is assertive, social, and very talkative. Daffy is never afraid to speak his mind, no matter what the situation. However, that’s not always a good thing. This duck’s gift for gab can result in unintended consequences and get him into big trouble.

Daffy can also be goofy and tends to act before thinking things through. The results and consequences for this hapless duck can be disastrous and typically hilarious!


3. The Owl from Winnie The Pooh

Owls are often associated with wisdom and the wise old owl in Winnie the Pooh is no exception. Older than the other characters, “Owl” speaks with an English accent. He spends a lot of time in his treehouse, seems to be quite educated, and enjoys social visits.

While entertaining company, Owl is pleased to share his wisdom every chance he gets. However, despite this bird’s apparent intelligence, he doesn’t always give the best of advice.


2. Woody Woodpecker

One of the best-known bird cartoons, Woody Woodpecker, entertains with his fun, crested look and odd, staccato laughter. He doesn’t have those characteristics by chance!

Pileated Woodpecker – the inspiration behind Woody Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker – the inspiration behind Woody Woodpecker

Everyone’s favorite woodpecker was inspired by the Pileated Woodpecker and other big crested woodpecker species that also have laughter-like vocalizations.

Woody is a clever bird that’s always getting into trouble. A real prankster, this woodpecker doesn’t care how his actions affect others, especially when looking for something to eat.


1. Donald Duck

One of the most popular and famous cartoon bird of all time, Donald Duck makes us laugh with his unique voice and ill-tempered character. Donald is a good guy who tries to live a normal life and spend time with his best friends, Mickie and Goofy.

However, Donald is also a coward and is very quick to anger. A small mishap or little things not going his way can really push this duck’s buttons!

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