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Top 10 Bird lists

We’ve gathered some of the most interesting facts and features about birds and gathered them all together.

Top 10 National Wildlife Refuges – As the name hints, the National Wildlife Refuge System creates habitats for birds (and other animals) who have lost their natural habitats or whose numbers are drastically declining.

Top 10 Scariest Birds for Halloween – We all know and love Halloween, but did you know there are birds that look straight out of horror movies? Proceed with caution!

Top 10 Cartoon Birds – Birds have been a part of cartoons for decades. Donald the Duck and Woody Woodpecker are perhaps the most well-known characters. We’ve gathered our favorite cartoon characters, who also happen to be birds.

Top 10 Bent Bird Descriptions – Published by the Smithsonian, the Bent Life History Series is an interesting and excellent resource on the life history of birds.

Top 10 Movies Featuring Birds – Younger generations might think about Rio or Donald the Duck, but there are more movies that center around birds!

Top 10 Bird Beaks – Beaks serve several purposes for birds. The first thing that comes to mind is related to food, but birds use their bills for making nests, caring for their babies, and much more.

Top 10: Celebrities with Bird Names – It’s no surprise that bird names also serve as human names. For example, Robin – it’s a normal human name, but at the same time, it’s a common bird too.

Top 10 Famous Ornithologists Who Have a Bird Named After Them – Have you ever heard of Cooper’s Hawks, Swainson’s Thrushes, or Cassin Finches? These are just a few examples.

Top 10: Most Common Bird Identification Questions – Birdwatching is a fascinating way to learn more about birds and their habits. But how to identify them?

Top 10 Red Birds – Male birds use color to attract the opposite sex, and red is one of the most vibrant and noticeable colors out there.

Top 10 Beers with Bird Names – Birds have made their way to beer bottles too!

Top 10 Largest Raptors in the World – Predatory birds are intelligent, but they sure do look scary! That’s for a good reason, though – they need to be able to hunt, so the hook-shaped bills, sharp claws, and powerful wings are there for a reason.

Top 10 – Fun Owl Facts – Owls are magnificent and clever creatures who never cease to amaze us. These are the top 10 owl facts that everyone should know.

Top 10 Winter Bird Identification Challenges – Winter birds can often be difficult to identify. Some birds acquire winter plumage, and others migrate to warmer areas.

Top 10 Fish with a bird name – Have you ever heard of Parrotfish? Or of Sea Robins? We’ve gathered the most unique bird-named fish to admire.

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