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Top 10: Celebrities with Bird Names

celebrities with bird names

Can you match the descriptions with the names and faces of these famous people?  They all share on thing, their name is bird related.  Most are pretty easy, if any have you stumped scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Famous basketball player
  • Ex V.P
  • Famous nurse
  • The Gladiator
  • Author of “The Red Badge of Courage”
  • Mork from Ork.
  • Loves to collect cars.
  • Jerry Lewis’s one-time pal.
  • Starred in  Mrs. Miniver,  Forbidden Planet, and Advise & Consent.
  • Designed St. Paul’s Cathedral





1. Walter Pidgeon – Starred in  Mrs. Miniver
2. Stephen Crane – wrote the Red Badge of Courage
3. Robin Williams – Mork from Ork
4. Jay Leno – Collects cars
5. Larry Bird – Basketball player
6. Dean Martin
7. Dan Quayle – Ex VP who could not spell either
8. Christopher Wren – Designed St. Paul’s Cathedral
9. Florence Nightingale – Needs no introduction
10. Russell Crowe – Starred in the Gladiator.


Bonus: 10 more celebrities with bird names

#10 Ian Eagle

Although Ian Eagle doesn’t soar like an eagle, it’s safe to say his profession has a lot to do with things flying in the air. He is a well-known American sports announcer.


#9 Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann is a former footballer, politician, and broadcaster. His highest achievements include being a four-time Super Bowl champion. Swann was the Republicans’ frontman for the Governor of Pennsylvania, collecting 39.6% of the votes.


American Robin

#8 Robin Wright

Robin Wright is an American actress with a 40-year career to show. Over the years, she has appeared in dozens of movies, such as Forrest Gump, Unbreakable, Everest, and in recent years, in Wonder Woman movies.

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Robin is a beautiful gender-neutral name, but once we think about it more, it’s not hard to remember that robins are beautiful backyard birds that often brighten our lives. Just watching them wandering around in your yard and watching them grow next generations is bound to put a smile on your face.


#7 Maxine Nightingale

Maxine Nightingale is a British singer from the 70s and 80s. Her last name hints at Nightingales, European birds known for their beautiful songs.


American Crow

#6 Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is an American singer and musician who has been active for over 40 years. She released her first studio album in 1993. Interestingly, crows are often seen as bad omens, but in reality, they are surprisingly intelligent and not really that ominous.


#5 Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen is an American actor, known for his impressive decades-long career. But did you know his birth name was completely different? He was born as Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, and later chose Martin Sheen as his stage name.

Bird names are often used as names, and Martin is perhaps the most used one. Presumably, he did not choose his name after the large swallows, but it does add a layer of depth to his name.


#4 Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is mostly known to the younger generations for her work in Disney’s Descendants franchise. However, she is also gaining attention with her own music.

As we all know, doves are symbols of peace, so being named after them is only a good sign.


#3 Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is a name that should sound familiar to everybody. However, this American actor’s last name hints at hawks, the powerful and nimble birds of prey we all know and respect.


Purple Martins

Purple Martins, the only martin species found in the U.S.

#2 Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a notorious Puerto Rican singer, who many people know for his song “Livin’ la Vida Loca.” The name Martin hints to martins, large swallows known for their beautiful plumage and wonderful aerial displays.


#1 Jay Z

Jay Z is a name that needs no introduction, but I bet you’ve never thought of his name in this way. Jays are common backyard birds, so next time you see one, think of Jay Z!

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Brenda C.

Thursday 6th of April 2023

Oddly enough, the VP did not create the flash cards used for teaching spelling words in that school. Dan Quayle (not Quail) assumed that the school's flash cards would be accurate.

Sam Crowe

Monday 10th of April 2023

Thanks for bringing our attention to this. Corrected this!

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