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Best Birdhouses To Attract Birds: 11 Nest Boxes You Should Consider

Best birdhouses that fit every need

A birdhouse is a nice addition to any backyard. For a birding household, they are absolute must-have décor!

Birdhouses look quaint, but they also provide birds with vital places to nest. By putting up the right ones, you can help bluebirds, wrens, and other small birds a great deal.

The reward is watching those feathered friends grow and knowing that you are helping them.

There’s a lot available, but which birdhouses are best? Which ones are easier to clean, and which birdhouses are more suited for bluebirds?


Oceek Cedar Blue Bird Box House

Oceek Cedar Blue Bird Box House Wood Bird House Bluebird Box House Cedar Wren and Chickadee Wren Home Outdoor Hanging Wood Birdhouse Assembled OceeK Hummingbird House (1Pack 3115 Assembled)

Size: 4.9 inches by 4.9 inches and 11.8 inches high
Entry size: 2.3 inches
Suitable for: Bluebirds, wrens

This rectangular birdhouse has a sloped roof and an entrance hole on a front panel that can be easily pushed open. It’s a simple design but works well both for the birds and people who install it.

In particular, it could be a good choice for bluebird species, wrens, and other small birds.

The moveable front panel makes this birdhouse fairly easy to clean after the birds have left, and it’s crafted with sturdy, long-lasting cedar.

If there’s a downside, it’s that the birdhouse doesn’t come assembled. Yes, you’ll need to screw it together, but once that’s done, it should last for a long time.

To make sure it lasts even longer, some owners of this birdhouse have treated the wood further with paint or varnish.

It’s also fairly easy to install on a pole or against a tree. However, you’ll need a power drill because it doesn’t have any pre-installed mounts.


NETVUE Birdfy Nest – Smart Bird House with Camera

NETVUE Birdfy Nest - Smart Bird House with Camera, 1080P Dual-Cam Bird Nest Solar Powered, Watch Bird Nesting & Hatching in Real Time, AI Identify Bird Behavior & Create Bird Story, DIY Ideal Gift

Size: 11 inches by 11 inches by 12 inches
Entry size: .9 inches, 1.5 inches, or 2 inches
Suitable for: Bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, House Finches and other species

The Birdfly Nest is one of the more technologically advanced bird houses available. While other bird houses are simple yet suitable wooden boxes, this bird house incorporates everything from cameras to AI notifications!

Like many other birdhouses, it has a rectangular design but comes attached to a weatherproofed roofed mount that can be easily attached to a tree or pole. Inside, there is a mesh floor where bluebirds, wrens, titmouse, and other species can build their nests, as well as notches where fledglings can practice climbing.

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Similar to other birdhouses that lack a perch, this one may be especially good for bluebirds. The entrance hole can be adjusted for those small thrushes or other birds, and it opens for easy cleaning.

Most of all, you can watch nesting action with adjustable cameras inside and outside the nest! You can also get AI nesting notifications and create a video of the nesting experience.


Wood Bird Houses for Outside with Pole

Wood Bird Houses for Outside with Pole Wooden Bird House for Finch Bluebird Cardinals Hanging Birdhouse Clearance Garden Country Cottages

Size: 5.9 inches by 5.9 inches by 8.6 inches
Entry size: 1.57 inches
Suitable for: Wrens, nuthatches, swallows, Tufted Titmouse

This bird house follows a basic yet well-tested design that works for a variety of cavity-nesting birds. It is made of sturdy wood, has a rather squared shape, sloped roof to shed rain and snow, and has a flat wooden back.

This birdhouse can be mounted on a pole or against a tree or other flat surface, and also has a door that can be opened for easy cleaning. Although it doesn’t have any pre-installed mounts, it can be easily nailed or screwed into place.

Although bluebirds are mentioned as a possible species for this birdhouse, since it has a small wooden perch, it might work better for House and Bewick’s Wrens, House Sparrows, and other small birds.

One of the things that folks like the most about this birdhouse is its wooden, rustic appearance. This also lends itself to being painted and decorated by crafty and DIY-minded folks.


Woodlink Audubon Traditional Wren House

Woodlink Audubon Traditional Wren House Model NAWREN

Size: 6 inches by 7 inches by 5 inches
Entry size: 1.18 inches
Suitable for: Wrens, chickadees

This small rhombus or diamond-shaped bird house is made of wood, and has a simple design that works perfectly for small birds. True to its name, it’s especially good for House Wrens, and Bewick’s Wrens should use it too.

Although it lacks a perch, the entrance hole is probably too small for bluebirds.

The double-sloped roof helps shed water and snow all year long, and the bottom part of the feeder opens for easy cleaning. For the most part, this small feeder is meant to be hung by sturdy string or cords from a branch but creative birders can probably find other ways to install it too.

Although it’s made of sturdy wood, to make it last for decades, you might want to stain the wood or treat it in other ways. This little bird house is also a perfect canvas for crafty bird lovers who can decorate in various ways!


MIXUMON Bird Houses

Set of 2 MIXUMON Bird Houses for Outside, Outdoor 2 Bird House Room for 2 Bird Families Bluebird Finch Cardinals Hanging Birdhouse for Garden

Size: 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches
Entry size: 1.57 inches
Suitable for: Wrens, other small birds, maybe bluebirds

This aesthetic, round birdhouse is crafted with pine and lends a cute, rustic touch to any backyard. It has a double-sloped roof to shed rain and snow, and a small perch that also acts as a feeding tray.

It is meant to be hung from a metal pole or branch but I’m pretty sure I could also find ways to mount it on top of a pole or to a tree. There is a small door on the back to clean the feeder, but since it’s so small, it doesn’t look as accessible for cleaning as some other feeders.

This cute bird house will work well for wrens and other small birds, but I’m hesitant to say if it will work for bluebirds. The entrance hole is the right size but since they hover in front of it, they might not like the small feeding tray. However, if you put mealworms in it, perhaps that could attract them!


CARTMAN Cedar Blue Bird Box House

CARTMAN Cedar Blue Bird Box House, Wood Bird Houses for Outside, Hummingbird House for Outside Clearance Garden Country Cottages

Size: 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 11.8 inches
Entry size: 1.5 inches
Suitable for: Wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, House Finch, bluebirds

The Cartman Cedar Blue Bird Box House is a rectangular bird house crafted with pretty cedar hardwood. It has a simple yet good design that includes a sloped roof and a front panel that is kept shut with a small magnet. It’s also simple to open for easy cleaning.

Inside the bird house, wrens, titmice, and other small birds will enjoy the elevated mesh floor (to reduce humidity in the nest), and there are small indentations where fledglings can climb. A ventilated roof also helps to partly regulate temperature inside the bird house.

Bluebirds can use this sturdy box, but the perch below the entrance hole may attract House Sparrows and starlings. Since these two birds drive bluebird species away, it might be worth it to remove the perch.

The back of this cedar birdhouse can be easily mounted to a tree trunk, post, or other flat surface.


LOPANNY Bird House Pole

LOPANNY Bird House Pole, 1 Pack 109 Inch Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Pole Mount Kit with 5 Prongs Base for Outdoors, Adjustable Bird Feeder Stand for Wild Birds Watching (Bird House Not Included)

Size: 17 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches, 109 inches high
Entry size: Not applicable
Suitable for: Mounting birdhouses for bluebirds, wrens, woodpeckers, and many other species

This product isn’t a birdhouse, but it does play an essential role in mounting them. Birdhouses can be placed on tree trunks or wooden posts and hung from branches, but one of the best places to install them is on a sturdy metal pole.

Birdhouses mounted on a tall metal pole keep them out of reach of cats, snakes, and other potential predators that would love to climb to the nest box. Installing the nest four to five feet high will work but with this this steel, weather treated pole, you can install it as high as nine feet up!

It can also be adjusted for other heights and has five long, sharp prongs to keep it stuck deep in the ground. Although this metal pole doesn’t come with a birdhouse, it does have a mounting platform where they can be installed on the top or on the side.


Kingsyard Wooden Bluebird House

Kingsyard Wooden Bluebird House, Bird House with Predator Guard, Nesting Box Birdhouse for Outside Wild Bird Watching, Royal Blue

Size:  7 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches
Entry size: 1.5 inches
Suitable for: Bluebirds, swallows

The Kingsyard Wooden Bluebird House is a square or house-shaped bird house with a double-sloped roof. It is made from durable New Zealand Pine and unlike most other bird houses, has a beautiful, blue roof and entrance hole.

I’m not sure if this color does anything extra to attract bluebirds, but who knows? It certainly looks nice!

This is a well-constructed birdhouse with rustproof screws, a hinged door for easy cleaning, and an entrance hole that offers some predator deterrence. Inside, it also has an elevated mesh floor, good ventilation, and indentations where fledglings can climb.

If you want to see what’s happening inside the nest, you can also look through a small back window!

True to its name, this birdhouse is especially suited for bluebirds and works very well for these feathered beauties. It can be easily mounted on top of a hole or against a post or other flat surface.


Smilkeep Small Bird House

Smilkeep Bird House for Outside,Bluebird House,Outdoor Wooden Hanging Birdhouses Finch Wren Cardinals Garden Nesting Box

Size: 5.7 inches by 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches
Entry size: 1.5 inches
Suitable for: Chickadees, nuthatches, swallows, wrens, sparrows

This is a basic wooden birdhouse that will work for chickadees, titmice, wrens, and other small birds. The entrance hole is small enough to keep starlings away and will work for bluebirds but they might not like the perch.

However, to keep House Sparrows from taking over the nest, you could probably remove that perch.

Although it is advertised as a birdhouse for hummingbirds, these tiny birds won’t use it for nesting. There might be one or two species that could, but for the most part, hummingbirds build their nests on open branches.

Even so, this birdhouse should work well for other small cavity-nesting species. It has a gently sloped roof to shed rain and snow, a hinged door for easy cleaning and can be mounted on top of a pole or against a post or other flat surface.

Craft-minded folks might also enjoy decorating its wooden exterior.


CEED4U Bird Houses for Outside 5 Hole Wooden Natural Birdhouse

CEED4U Bird Houses for Outside 5 Hole Wooden Natural Birdhouse with Metal Guard Finch Cardinals Handmade Hanging Birdhouse for Garden Backyard Courtyard (Brown)

Size: 10.6 inches by 6.7 inches by 8.2 inches
Entry size: 1.57 inches
Suitable for: Tree Swallows, bluebirds, wrens

This interesting birdhouse is like a miniature bird condo. It has five little birdhouses, each with its own, separate entrance holes. To keep the birds fed, there is also an area where you can place birdseed.

Crafted with Sycamore wood, it’s also fairly durable, although some people have complained about mold and that it becomes easily unglued. To make this bird apartment last, it would probably be best to treat the wood and use extra strong glue during the assembly process.

Each little birdhouse has a small back door for cleaning, but it might not be as easy to clean as other birdhouses with much larger doors.

Several types of birds can use this birdhouse condo, but I’m not sure if they would want to nest near each other at the same time or close to feeding birds. With that in mind, it might work best for colonial nesting Tree and Violet-green Swallows.


2-Pack Bird House

2-Pack Bird House - Outdoor- Bluebird, Finch, Wren, Chickadee, Tree Swallow Bird, Wild Birds, Woodpecker House Easy-to-Open Birdhouse Nesting Box (Brown)

Size: 5.5 inches by 5 inches by 9.38 inches
Entry size: 1.75 inches
Suitable for: Bluebirds, wrens, swallows

These are a pair of basic, rectangular birdhouses crafted with unfinished yet durable wood, perfect for decorating. They have a simple, time-tested design that works very well for a wide variety of bird species.

Since the quality wood used for these birdhouses is meant to last, if you treat it, they could endure for decades. To keep nesting birds cool, it has good ventilation along with a predator guard, and a front door for easy cleaning.

The two mounting spots on the back of the birdhouse make it easy to install on a post or tree trunk, and it can also be installed on top of a metal pole.

Although this birdhouse will work for bluebirds, since the entrance hole has a diameter bigger than 1.5 inches, it could potentially attract starlings. However, the lack of a perch might keep those birds and House Sparrows away.


What To Keep In Mind?

There are all sorts of birdhouses; which one works best? That all depends on which birds you want to attract as well as the quality of the bird house. The first thing to look at is the diameter of the entrance hole.

This determines which birds can use the birdhouse and can invite or exclude unwanted species like starlings.

In general, small entrance holes of 1.25 inches in diameter will work for really small cavity-nesting birds like wrens and chickadees.

To attract bluebirds, an ideal entrance hole diameter is 1.5 inches. They like this size and it’s too small for starlings. Using nest boxes that lack perches is another good way to keep starlings and House Sparrows away.

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Sure, you could provide nesting areas for those birds, too, but this is generally discouraged. These abundant, non-native species can kill native birds and use up their nesting spots.

To attract larger birds like owls and kestrels, you’ll need bigger nest boxes with entrance holes that are 3 and even 4 inches in diameter.

Another main consideration is how easy it is to clean the nest box. The easiest ones to clean are birdhouses that have a big, easily opened panel or door.


Birdhouses – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of a birdhouse?

Bird houses provide certain bird species with a place to nest and sleep.

What’s the difference between a birdhouse and a nesting box?

There’s not much difference between a birdhouse and nesting box. Most bird houses are used for nesting. However, some birdhouses are suited more as garden decorations than nesting.

Can a birdhouse have a window?

Yes, a birdhouse can have a window, but only when the birdhouse is installed right against your window. This way, you can watch the birds inside the nest from your window. Otherwise, too much light enters the nest and the birds don’t like it.

What is the best place for a bird house?

The best location for a birdhouse is in an open area. Poles are a good option; this way, the nest is out of reach of predators that could jump to it from a tree or bush. The nest should be installed with the entrance hole facing away from prevailing winds and close enough to vegetation.

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