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In this section, we’ll try to help you identify a bird you have seen. You will find multiple areas on to assist you with this task. Here are some of your choices.

1. Do you have a photograph of the bird?
If you have been able to obtain a photograph of the bird, it’s easier to identify it – you have a clear reference, and if you don’t find the correct answer, you can always ask for help in your local birding groups.

2. Most common by state
From our state guides, you’ll find information about state birds and the most common birds of every state.

Since each state has hundreds of species, we only focused on the most popular ones. But worry not; you’ll find the resources we used – this way, you can check the data yourself, too!

3. You think you know, but you’re not sure
If you have an idea as to what your bird is, but are just not quite sure, then search them by body shape.

Look up the species that might be your bird. You’ll find descriptive information to help you confirm or deny your identification. Even if you have the wrong bird, most of the species in the guide have images and links to similar species.

A good approach is to use the Search by Family list. If you know the bird you saw was a duck, for example, you can easily go through all of the duck species.

4. Still looking?
If you still have not found your bird, looking at different species might help.

We have hundreds of bird profiles, so even if you find one that reminds you of the bird you saw, you can take a closer look, each bird has similar species listed.


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