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Top 10 Red Birds?

One of the claims to fame for birds is the beautiful plumage of many of the species.  Many males use color to attract the opposite sex.  With approximately 800 bird species in the United States, one would think that the color red would be a popular color for birds.   In fact, however, only a very few species are actually red.  The red color is often seen as a "highlight color" but seldom is more than half of a bird colored red.

We had to include pink and rufous to reach our goal of 10 red birds.  Note that a dark back with red underneath is seen on a few species.  This may be an interesting example of  counter-shadiing (oftener seen in shorebirds) but I have not read any articles on the topic.

northern cardinal
The male Northern Cardinal may be the best known "red bird."


cinnamon teal
The Cinnamon Teal can pass as a brick-red color.


male scarlet tanager
Male Scarlet Tanager, WOW!  Tanagers embrace the red.


hepatic tanager
Hepatic Tanager, a western species.


summer tanager
Male Summer Tanager.


That's about it for the mostly red birds.   I thought there would be more.

vermillion flycatcher
Male Vermillion Flycatcher.


Male Painted Bunting.


ringed kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher of south Texas.


roseate spoonbill
The Roseate Spoonbill has a mix of pink, almost red and an orange tail.


elegant trogon
The Elegant Trogon can be found in southeastern Arizona.