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What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You?

What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

Birds fly, they perch above us, and they poop. If we are unlucky to be underneath a bird at the wrong time, we can get pooped on. Fortunately, getting pooped on by a bird is exceedingly rare. One study estimated that the risk of getting pooped on by a bird in the USA was around one in five million!

If we go walking around a gull colony or underneath a bunch of roosting birds, our chances of getting pooped on are probably close to one hundred percent. However, away from such high concentrations of birds, being pooped on is a very rare occurrence. With that mind, it’s no wonder that most cultures have viewed being pooped on by a bird as a sign of good luck.

See this article to learn all about the symbolism, meanings, and more about getting pooped on by birds!


Sign of Good Luck

In cultures throughout the world, getting pooped on by a bird has been a sign of good luck. Although no one likes a bird to poop on their car, clothes, or windows, being personally hit by bird droppings can be a different matter.

The main reason why so many cultures see it as a sign of good luck is because it’s so unlikely to happen. Unless we spend an hour standing beneath a flock of roosting birds, it is very difficult to be pooped on.

This is partly because most birds would rather stay away from people. During most situations, they get nervous and fly away before we can stand underneath them. As for birds flying overhead, the chances of being hit by bird poop are also unlikely.

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However, it does occasionally happen. It has happened now and then throughout time, and people have tried to make sense of it. Taking it to be good luck might be a way of choosing to see things in a positive light but the belief is also associated with people’s perceptions of birds.

In many places and throughout history, various birds have been seen as messengers from the spiritual realm. They have been viewed as animals that link heaven and earth, beings that form a bridge between this place and the dwellings of angels and good spirits.

With that in mind, being pooped on by such special creatures can only signify good luck.


Do Birds Control When They Poop?

When a bird does poop on us, we can’t help but wonder if it might have been on purpose. In most cases, no.

Although birds can control their bowel movements to a limited degree, most don’t and poop as soon as they feel the need to do so. They also poop many times throughout the day with small birds pooping more often than big species.

However, most birds do decide to poop just before they fly. This decreases the amount of weight and thus makes it easier to fly.

Birds can also control when they poop in defensive situations. For example, when a crow or other animal attacks a bird’s nest, the mother bird may fly at it and try to poop on it. If she manages to poop in the attacker’s mouth, that could scare it off.

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Gulls use the same strategy on people and other animals that enter their nesting colonies. Researchers that enter cull colonies to count gull nests wear ponchos (and hard hats) for this purpose.


Spiritual Meanings

A bird pooping on us has a variety of spiritual meanings.

Renewal – Birds are a representation of freedom. They fly free and go wherever they wish. Since they also represent the link between Heaven and Earth, a bird pooping on us can be viewed as spiritual communication. It’s a reminder to stay true to ourselves and use our free will to make changes that bring us back to our positive center.

Cleansing – When a bird poops on us, the first thing we want to do is wash it off. Even so, since a bird is viewed as a link between ourselves and the spiritual world, being pooped on is viewed as a form of spiritual cleansing. It helps free us from negative attachments and energies.

A lucky day with better things to come – Being pooped on by a bird is a sign that fortunes are about to change, and for the better. This is more communication from the spiritual realm. It tells us to keep the faith and keep our eyes open for opportunities. If we ignore this sign, we might miss fantastic chances that can only be perceived with a positive and happy mindset.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do birds poop at people?

Very rarely. On average, the chances of being hit by bird poop is one in five million.

What to do if a bird poops on you?

If a bird poops on you, count your blessings but wash it off as soon as possible. Consider yourself lucky and be grateful for having birds in your life.

Does bird poop carry bacteria?

Yes. Bird poop can carry a variety of bacteria including harmful ones like Salmonella and others that can make us sick.

Why is bird poop wet?

Bird poop is wet because they eliminate liquid and solid waste in the same dropping.

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