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What Do Bluebirds Symbolize? Meaning & Symbolism Explained

Mountain Bluebird

Bluebird symbolism is a wide topic, but these little birds represent joy and hope. However, around the world, they symbolize more than that. The good news is all of their symbols and meanings are positive!

Some believe that seeing a bluebird means that good news will be coming your way. Others believe that bluebirds represent a connection between those who have passed away and the living.

Here’s everything you need to know about bluebird symbolism and what to do when bluebirds show themselves to you.


Meaning & Symbolism

Bluebirds are connected to the phrase “bluebirds of happiness.” For a very long time, they’ve been associated with the concepts of harmony, happiness, and joy. Additionally, they are well-known symbols of renewal, positivity, love, and hope as well. Bluebirds remind us to set ourselves free and not to give up on the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Even in the most difficult climates, when there are limited amounts of food, bluebirds still find it within themselves to sing happily and do so because they know that better days are coming.

This reminds us that we should never lose our faith, even in our darkest hours. You have to hold on to the belief that everything will be alright.

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Lastly, bluebirds represent the inner child that lives in all of us. These birds remind us that even though the world can be an awful place, you should never lose your innocence and kindness because they’re traits that make us better. These animals keep the negative energies at bay with their upbeat spirits.

Mountain Bluebird

Photograph © Elaine Wilson


What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird?

One does not see a bluebird by chance. This is because these birds make themselves known to those who have happiness coming their way. In a lot of different cultures, the bluebird is seen as a symbol of joy.

In fact, in many Native American legends and folklore, people would attract bluebirds just so they could hear their songs of joy and hope.


Spiritual Meaning

Bluebirds are wonderful spirit animals. If you want to know what it means when they appear in your life, you first need to consider how these birds fit in the context of your life. We’ll give you some situations below so you can see how these birds reach out to send a message.


Have Faith In Your Dreams and Yourself

It’s very common for people to not believe in their dreams as well as themselves. If you see a bluebird, it may be trying to remind you to never give up and listen to your inner self.

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These birds bring tidings of perseverance and hope. Let them take away any fears and doubts you may be having. Have faith that things will work out, and listen to your inner self.


Have a Positive Outlook

If you’ve been feeling down lately, and it seems like you’re seeing more bluebirds, they may be coming to cheer you up and remind you of how important a positive outlook on life is. They’re there to remind you that whatever is bringing you down will pass and better days are ahead.

Female Mountain Bluebird

Don’t get us wrong; it’s normal for negative thoughts to occasionally enter our minds. However, the bluebird reminds us not to dwell on these negative thoughts. Instead, you should take the time to nurture your positive thoughts since this will help you deal with future situations with more optimism.


Bring More Positive People Into Your Life

Bluebirds are all about positivity. A message they often like to send tells you to surround yourself with positive people. People that are going to lift you up. Think about all of the people in your life. Are they always gossiping or complaining?

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If so, the bluebird may tell you that you must distance yourself from this person’s negative mindset. Think about it; you’re much more likely to remain positive if you have people around you who have positive energy.


Be Patient

Have you been feeling stuck recently? You may have even laid down a solid foundation to allow something to happen. But does it just seem like that goal isn’t getting any closer? If that’s the case and you are seeing bluebirds, they may be trying to tell you that you need to have patience.

What you want to achieve is possible, but you need to give it time. The universe’s pace is often not the same as ours.

Eastern Bluebirds



Bluebirds have been symbols of hope for quite some time. They have a cheerful song that can continuously be heard throughout even the harshest of winters. If that isn’t an indicator of this bird’s ability to hold on to hope, we don’t know what is.

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Native Americans also see bluebirds as birds of positivity. In fact, one of their tribes associated these birds with light and believed they were the sun’s firstborns. And just like the sun’s rays, these birds’ spirits spread health, happiness, and hope in the world.



You may have heard of the saying “the bluebird of happiness.” This phrase has shown up in both stories and songs of a wide variety of cultures for a long time. The song of bluebirds and their charming appearance seems to bring people joy whenever they’re seen.

Therefore, the bluebird will show up as a reminder of how important joy is, and they may even visit you when you’re sacrificing your own happiness.


Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Bluebirds are a popular subject for tattoos because of their vibrant coloration and territorial tendencies. These birds are tougher than you think. In fact, they’re very territorial.

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People choose to get bluebird tattoos to represent happiness as well. This connection goes back thousands of years and depends on the culture. However, it’s safe to say that the theme of joy is pretty common.

Anyone going through hard times can look to their bluebird tattoo to promote happiness. Additionally, the bluebird is said to be a sort of angel looking over your shoulder.


Bluebird Symbolism – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of a bluebird?

Bluebirds are beautiful birds that make wonderful spirit animals. They’ll often remind us that we need to be patient, surround ourselves with more positive people, have faith in both your dreams and yourself, and just be more positive overall.

What does bluebird mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, bluebirds are seen as angels in disguise. Guardian angels send them to share messages with humans on Earth. They act as messengers from the realm of the Gods.

What is the significance of a bluebird after death?

If you see a bluebird after someone has passed, it could be a message from your guardian angels letting you know that it’s okay and that the connection between you and the person who passed is still there.



Bluebirds are beautiful birds that represent a lot of different things. However, you’ll be happy to know that seeing bluebirds always means good things.

If you think a bluebird is trying to send you a message, be sure you’re paying attention to the bird’s behavior and how often you see them. This will help you pinpoint exactly what the bluebird is trying to tell you.

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Omotayo Solomon

Friday 22nd of March 2024

I saw a blue pigeon in my dream standing in front of me I need someone to explain to me what this dream means

Patrick O'Donnell

Saturday 23rd of March 2024

@Omotayo- What an interesting dream! This could symbolize the importance of seeking spiritual guidance and following your intuition. If you are having issues with family members, it could also be a reminder to really try and work things out with them.

Kathleen Hurry

Monday 11th of March 2024

The last time I saw a bluebird was at my mom’s house right after she passed. I was with my sister. This was about 20 years ago. Thankyou for telling us the meaning. I didn’t know it at the time

Vickianne Shepherd

Thursday 7th of March 2024

I'm very curious as to where in the Bible Ms. Goulet found mention of blue birds. I was unable to find it in any of the translations I have access to. Maybe someone else from Birdzilla can offer some information?

Sam Crowe

Friday 8th of March 2024

Hi Vickianne,

Here it is:

Cynthia Masse

Monday 26th of February 2024

This winter I have a pair of blue birds visit my porch feeder...the joy I feel from their reocurring visit each morning is beautiful..I feel so privileged to see them so close to my window and that each day they bring hope and beauty to my life.i feel blessed and cherish my the universe to have them visit my home...

Patrick O'Donnell

Wednesday 28th of February 2024

@Cynthia- You are so lucky! Happy to hear that, we know and also cherish that joy that birds bring us.


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