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There are many species that provide identification challenges. Several of the challenging IDs are presented in this selection. Select from the list below or the menu items on the left.


The Scaup Challenge

The two scaup species (both males) shown below are a difficult identification challenge. The differences seen in these photographs are often difficult to see in the field.

greater scaup

Greater Scaup. Rounded head, greenish sheen to head very clean, white sides

lesser scaup

Lesser Scaup. Almost squarish head, straight up from the base of the bill hint of tuft on back of head white sides not as clean as on Greater Scaup. Note the greenish sheen on the head. Lesser Scaup often show a mix of green and purple in good light.

Now for the females.

Note the head shape in both birds, and compare to the males above.

greater scaup

Greater Scaup

lesser scaup

Lesser Scaup

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