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Suet Feeders for Birds

Suet Feeders

Suet can be fed in several ways. Commercial suet blocks are usually placed in a holder. Some suet feeders have a “tail prop” extension to accommodate woodpeckers.

Some homemade suets can be spread on a tree trunk or limb, so no feeder is required.

suet feeder

This suet feeder is designed to force the bird to feed upside down, a snap for chickadees and nuthatches but an effective approach to elimination of House Sparrows and starlings.


hopper feeder

This hopper feeder has wire cages for suet located on either end of the feeder.

Attracted species: Woodpeckers, chickadees, creepers, jays, nuthatches, wrens, bluebirds, mockingbirds


What you should know:

Feeding suet is one of the least expensive and effective choices for feeding birds. Suet cakes are clean and easy to store and easy to use.

Suet cakes do not create problems with seed hulls or germinating seeds under feeders.


See more bird feeder types:

  • Dome feeders – Dome feeders are useful for protecting birdseed from larger birds and weather. They are typically used by smaller birds, who can cling to the sides of the feeder.
  • Hopper feeders – Hopper feeders are useful for holding larger quantities of bird seeds, and they can be used by a variety of bird species, including jays, cardinals, and grosbeaks.
  • Peanut feeders – Peanut feeders are useful for holding peanuts and other nut-based bird food, and they are typically used by birds such as woodpeckers, jays, and nuthatches.
  • Platform feeders – Platform feeders are useful for holding a variety of bird food. They are typically used by ground-feeding birds, such as sparrows and doves, as well as larger birds, such as jays and cardinals.
  • Tube feeders – Tube feeders are useful for holding small seeds, such as nyjer, and are typically used by finches and other small birds that can cling to the sides of the feeder.
  • Window-mounted feeders – Window-mounted feeders are useful for people who have limited space in their yards.
  • Bird feeders with a camera – Bird feeders with cameras are relatively new in the birdwatching scene, but these feeders allow you to easily identify all the different birds that visit your feeder.

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