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Droll Yankees Winter Feeding Tips

Droll Yankees

Keep winter birds in mind when planting

Winter birds benefit greatly from a yard that provides them cover and on-going natural food sources, in addition to feeders. Planting some evergreens in your yard will provide a dense cover that birds can use in colder months to get away from predators and get some shelter from the elements, even after other trees lose their leaves. Also, consider planting some shrubs or other plants with longer lasting berries, such as bayberry or holly, which winter birds can snack on for necessary energy. You can also leave the seed heads in your flower gardens at the end of summer for birds to enjoy.


Put out more feeders

The more feeders you have out, the more birds you can accommodate and the less competition there will be. Putting out more feeders and different feeder types will also let you offer more variety in your food choices, like sunflower seed in a tube feeder, suet in a suet cage, and mealworms in a small dish feeder.


Check feeders for damage and clean out nest boxes

Summer feeding and nesting can be hard on wild bird equipment. Look over feeders and nest boxes for damage and clear out old nests and nesting materials so birds can take advantage of them safely and without injury or illness during the winter months. Clean feeders are healthier for the birds so be sure to clean your feeders thoroughly at the start of fall when the temperature outside makes this chore more pleasant. Keeping your feeders clean and full is the best thing you can do for the birds.


Prepare windows to prevent bird strikes

Birds, especially ones new to your area, cannot distinguish a reflecting window from the nature around it. Providing some disruption to the glass’ reflective surface is essential so birds will realize it’s a solid barrier. You can use soap streaks on the outside of the window or a decal, like Droll Yankees’ Warning Web. (Don’t just pull your blinds or curtains closed, which could make the reflections worse!)

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