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Exploring Mourning Dove Symbolism & Meaning – Are They Divine Messengers?

Mourning Dove Symbolism

The Mourning Dove is considered by many to be a sign of hope, love, and freedom. Some birders report feeling comforted when observing a Mourning Dove; others believe that they’re a message from a loved one who has passed on.

Mourning Doves symbolize many different things, but the main things they represent are a visit from a loved one, angels, and God.

Because of the sounds they make, their appearance, and their incredible parenting behaviors, these doves have become leading figures in tales and stories from different cultures. Here’s everything you need to know about Mourning Dove symbolism and what to do when Mourning Doves show themselves to you.


Meaning & Symbolism

Mourning Doves hold deep symbolism in various cultures and are cherished for their gentle, mournful cooing. Their distinctive call, a soft and melancholy coo, evokes a sense of tranquility and emotional healing, making them symbols of comfort and solace in times of grief and loss.


What does it mean when you see a Mourning Dove?

Mourning Doves

When a Mourning Dove crosses your path, it can indicate that you or someone dear to you is experiencing grief. This bird is often regarded as a symbol of loss and sadness, and its presence can gently remind you that you’re not navigating your pain alone.

However, the Mourning Dove is not just an indicator of sorrow; they also embodies hope and recovery.

This is due to their reputation for having a tender nature and their remarkable ability to discover beauty amongst adversity. Seeing one of these birds may not eliminate grief entirely, but it can be a reassuring signal that radiance and vitality can still be found.

Additionally, for some, seeing a Mourning Dove holds an even more powerful meaning. It’s believed that seeing this bird means a friend or family member who has passed on and has come to deliver a message.

All Doves provide solace to those who believe because they’re all seen as a sign that a loved one is watching over them. Lastly, the gentle cooing of these birds and their affectionate interactions with their mates showcase love.


Spiritual Meaning

Mourning Doves possess profound spiritual symbolism across various cultures and belief systems. Their gentle cooing and elegant presence are often associated with messages from the spiritual realm.

In Christian traditions, these birds are linked to the Holy Spirit and symbolize peace, love, and hope, listening back to the dove that descended at Jesus’ baptism. This association with divine guidance and protection resonates with the broader belief in angels and celestial messengers.

In Native American cultures, Mourning Doves symbolize a connection with the spirit world, signifying peace and harmony. They are believed to bring messages from ancestors and spirits, offering wisdom and guidance to those who observe them.

Mourning Doves can symbolize many things, including angels

Photograph © Greg Lavaty.


In other spiritual contexts, the Mourning Dove’s distinctive call is a reminder to remain present and mindful. Their gentle nature and monogamous behavior also reflect qualities of love and fidelity, mirroring spiritual values.

Overall, Mourning Doves represents a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, offering messages of peace, love, and connection to those attuned to their presence. They encourage a deeper understanding of the divine in the natural world.


Visit From A Loved One

It’s believed that the Mourning Dove possesses the unique ability to travel between our world and the spirit world. This ability allows them to deliver messages from the spirit world. The name “Mourning Dove” is a testament to its close connection to the afterlife, suggesting that its presence might signify communication from a departed loved one.

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It is essential to accustom yourself to the energy they bring, for those who listen they’ll have a profound message to share. Embrace the guidance, solace, and affection embedded in your encounters with these birds. Furthermore, be open to the insights and revelations that may come to you through dreams during this time.



Mourning Doves have long held symbolic significance to angels.

Their gentle cooing and serene presence evoke a sense of divine grace, mirroring the comforting nature of angels. In various cultures and belief systems, they are seen as messengers of peace and hope, much like angels bringing messages of comfort and guidance.

Their ethereal qualities and the sense of tranquility they bring when spotted have led many to perceive Mourning Doves as earthly manifestations of angelic presence, offering solace in times of grief and uncertainty.

Mourning Dove



In the story of Jesus Christ’s baptism, a dove was dispatched as a symbol of God’s presence, support, and love. Thus, when a Mourning Dove graces you with its presence, it can be interpreted as a representation of God’s existence.

The dove is frequently linked with spirituality and a divine connection. Its choice to appear to you or visit you is a poignant reminder of God’s boundless love, tranquility, and guidance.

These messengers are a signal that God’s goodness is near, enveloping you. Embrace the visitation of the Mourning Dove as an inspiration to foster a deeper and more profound connection with God and strengthen your faith.

Dedicate yourself to spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, and place your trust in your belief in a higher power and the Holy Spirit.


Mourning Dove Tattoo Meaning

A Mourning Dove tattoo can hold diverse and deeply personal meanings for those who choose to adorn their bodies with this graceful bird. It commonly represents God, angels, visits from loved ones, peace, love, and hope. It’s not uncommon for those to get this tattoo as a symbol of inner peace and emotional healing.

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For some, a Mourning Dove tattoo can also be a tribute to a lost loved one. It reminds them of their memory and the enduring love between the individual and the departed soul. It may symbolize a connection with the afterlife or a belief in the spiritual significance of these birds.

Additionally, the Mourning Dove’s monogamous and loyal nature can convey themes of love and commitment in relationships. It can represent a promise of faithfulness, unity, and enduring love.

Ultimately, the meaning of a Mourning Dove tattoo is highly subjective. Its significance can vary widely depending on the individual’s experiences, beliefs, and intentions behind choosing this beautiful avian design.



What does a Mourning Dove feather mean spiritually?

Mourning Dove feathers embody a tangible piece of the divine, a physical token of the peace, love, and hope that the Mourning Dove represents. Therefore, when you find a Mourning Dove feather, understand that it signifies more than just a feather.

Their feathers are also regarded as emblems of gentleness, recovery, and communication from the spiritual realm. Encountering a Mourning Dove feather could signify that the universe conveys a message of healing and serenity to you.

Is a Mourning Dove good luck?

Yes, a Mourning Dove represents good luck. This is because they often appear at the end of growing periods or trials, marking a new point in life. Additionally, some believe these birds carry a promise for what is to come.

What does a dove mean spiritually?

Many people have reported feeling comforted when observing these birds. This solidifies the belief that they’re conduits for God and his angels. However, others believe that they’re a message from a loved one who has passed on. Mourning Doves can symbolize many different things spiritually, but the main things they represent are a visit from a loved one, angels, and God.

Are Mourning Dove loyal?

Yes, Mourning Doves are loyal. They’re birds that are monogamous and mate for life. It’s not uncommon to see a pair of these birds because mated pairs are highly bonded. So much so that it’s common to see them cuddling.

What’s the difference between a dove and a Mourning Dove?

Mourning Doves, named for their mournful call, are distinguishably larger birds. They have notably elongated tails, whereas Common Ground Doves exhibit much shorter tails. Furthermore, these two species have distinct differences in their plumage, although their general appearance is remarkably similar.



Mourning Doves are lovable, resourceful, happy birds that are said to represent a lot of different things. However, you’ll be glad to know that seeing Mourning Doves almost always means good things.

If you think a Mourning Dove is trying to send you a message, be sure you’re paying attention to the bird’s behavior and how often you see them. This will help you determine precisely what they’re trying to tell you.

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