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Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings & Ideas To Inspire You

Hummingbird tattoo ideas & inspirations

Hummingbird tattoo is a great way to honor these little creatures. Always a source of inspiration, these charming beauties are the perfect subject! Hummingbird tattoos highlight the body with bits of jewel-like, bright colors, and birds that look like feathered fairies. Even better, hummingbirds also act as powerful symbols.

But which symbols are hummingbirds associated with? And what do certain hummingbird tattoos mean?


What Do Hummingbird Tattoos Symbolize?

Hummingbird tattoos can symbolize a number of positive things, including good fortune, happiness, and more. A birder might also get a hummingbird tattoo to show their favorite bird, or a hummingbird species that was their 1,000 bird or other important sighting.

A hummingbird flying

However, whether you are a birder or not, tattoos of these special little birds represent much more.

Aztecs and some other cultures viewed hummingbirds as symbols of rebirth. These tiny dynamos so impressed them, they believed that Aztec warriors were reincarnated as hummingbirds.

With that belief in mind, a hummingbird tattoo can be a good way to mark a new chapter in life, especially after going through difficult situations.

On account of hummingbirds’ tendency to chase other birds, and their constant feeding behavior, they are also associated with tenacity and determination. These birds remind us to find strength and keep going, no matter what the situation.


Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

To Infinity And Beyond

The colors of this stylized hummingbird with flowers show an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Since the hummingbird is focused on the flower, it also reminds us to stay tuned to our goals and work to reach them.


Soft Colors and Hummingbirds

This lovely hummingbird tattoo reminds us of their angelic nature. Some cultures have viewed hummingbirds as messengers from beautiful spiritual realms. The multiple small hummingbirds can be a symbol of always being accompanied by angels.


Simplicity Is Key

This minimal yet pleasant hummingbird tattoo can be used to symbolize all sorts of things. The simple, clear design makes it possible to use it as a sign of rebirth, determination, good luck, and individualism. It will always act as a good conversation starter.


Vibrant Colors Can Make The Difference

Some hummingbird tattoos express the beauty of being a free spirit and still attaining your goals. This beautiful, impressive tattoo is one of those special works of ink art. Even though its bright colors make it stand out from the crowd, the hummingbird still flies through a triad of challenges.


The Ability To Stand Out

Hummingbirds remind us that nature can be incredibly beautiful. This hummingbird tattoo accomplishes that with eye-catching, ethereal colors. It also symbolizes freedom and individualism.


Hummingbirds And Flowers Make The Perfect Combination

Many hummingbird tattoos celebrate the simple yet incredible beauty of the natural world. This tattoos showcases that feeling with a simple but exquisite tattoo. It’s also a great representation of the simple beauty and vital need for freedom.


The Ability To Love And Remember

Hummingbirds can be powerful symbols of love, pure and simple. What loving bond can be stronger than that between a mother and child? This hummingbird tattoo might be small but the love it represents is infinite.


Their Beauty Is Divine

Stylized hummingbirds are excellent symbols of the connection between nature and the angelic realm. This tattoo could represent a belief in the loving presence of angels, a memory of a lost loved one, or other positive spiritual symbols.


Part Of A Bigger Picture

This big, bold tattoo may put more of the focus on profuse blossoms. However, with hummingbirds, it can also represent individualism, determination, and a strong appreciation for freedom.


Broad-tailed Hummingbirds

Realistic hummingbird tattoos are a wonderful means of paying homage to certain bird species. This one could showcase the beauty and resilience of the Broad-tailed Hummingbird and other related species. It captures the lovely essence of small hummingbird species with accurate colors.


Hummingbirds Bring Good Fortune

Impressive, colored hummingbird tattoos like this one are wonderful symbols of good fortune. Their deep colors can also representation passion, love, and the beauty of being a free spirit.


Bold Patterns

Hummingbird tattoos can also symbolize other aspects of life that we appreciate and love. In this case, the unique, colored tattoo could show that the wearer appreciates embroidered items. She might also be a free spirit who enjoys making embroidery.


The Ability To Stand Out

This distinctive hummingbird tattoo is a good symbol of individualism. The unique appearance and happy colors show that the wearer does their own thing, and does it with pride. This tattoo also represents the beauty of being free to just be you.


Signify Good Nature

Bright colors and a cheerful look are signs of good fortune and happiness. This hummingbird tattoo captures those feelings with its good-natured, lovely appearance.


Expression Of  Your Desires

Stylized hummingbirds always act as great symbols for good luck and freedom of expression. This one accomplishes those feelings with shades of purple and blue. In looking a bit like a flower in flight, it can also symbolize an appreciation for nature’s constant beauty.


Free Spirit

Hummingbird tattoos with a watercolor or dreamy look can symbolize the importance of being a free spirit. They show that the wearer is strong in their beliefs and willing to fly to achieve their goals.


The Key To Success

Multiple hummingbirds can represent a strong appreciation for these small yet determined little birds. Such tattoos can also symbolize a willingness to work hard to fly far above any obstacles to success.


The Colors That Bring Us Joy

This slightly stylized tattoo of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird can symbolize appreciation for that garden visitor as well as individualism. As with other hummingbirds in flight, it can be a sign of freedom, good fortune, and determination to reach goals, no matter how lofty they may be.


Surrounded By Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds with flowers are an excellent symbol for nature appreciation. The impressive ink art of this particular hummingbird tattoo shows a profound appreciation for nature’s exquisite beauty. It can also symbolize the union of two, equally free-spirited souls.


To Show the Boldness

What better way to express passion for life than a bold and brightly-colored hummingbird tattoo? This work of ink art can also symbolize good fortune and the power of individualism. In addition, it can work as a beautiful sign of rebirth.


Realism & Symbolism

A rainbow hummingbird is a wonderful expression of the power of individualism. It shows that when you show your true colors, you are at your most beautiful. You are being your unique, beautiful, loved you; an essential factor to fly high, meet goals, and find happiness.



Not all hummingbirds are green. Some, like the Rufous Hummingbirds depicted in this tattoo, are reddish-brown and orange with copper highlights. This lovely pair of tattoos showcases a special meaning for this species as well as determination to reach your destination, even if that means flying for thousands of miles.


Escaping the Bonds

Hummingbirds are wonderful symbols of rebirth and making new starts. This absolutely lovely tattoo symbolizes escaping and rising from a difficult situation. The situation may have left marks, but you have conquered them with your own beauty, and they can’t stop you from flying free.


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