Bird Behavior

A bird's behavior can often be a clue to its identity. Some species are famous for flicking their tail ( Eastern Phoebe) while another may be well-known for bobbing up and down (Spotted Sandpiper). Study the birds you see and watch for behavioral patterns in the way the bird feeds, walks/hops or flies.


Black Skimmers have a unique feeding behavior that
makes this species a cinch to identify.
Note the lower bill is much longer than the top bill.


These Long-billed Dowitchers feed by probing in shallow water and mud. Other species feed by picking food off the surface.


American Robins run along the ground. Other species hop instead of walk.
The Eastern Towhee has a two-footed backward hop.



Reddish Egrets, and other egret species, will spread their wings to reduce reflections off the water, making it easier for them to see their prey. Reddish Egrets are famous for their seemingly drunken movements as they search for a meal.