8 Cool White Birds You Should Know About

Large, white terns with distinctive features, Caspian Terns breed in colonies on islands, dive for fish, and migrate seasonally from Great Lakes to Central America.


#1: Caspian Tern

Elegant white Forster's Terns breed in freshwater marshes, foraging for fish. Summer: Great Lakes, west-central/western NA. Winter: NJ to Panama coast.


#2: Forster’s Tern

Elegant white raptors, White-tailed Kites hunt in open habitats, hovering to catch prey. Nesting in tall trees, they're found in various locations.


#3: White-tailed Kite

Tundra Swans, with white plumage, nest in tundra, feed on tubers, and migrate from Alaska to USA, Europe, and Asia in winter.


#4: Tundra Swan

Large pale-eyed gulls breed on islands, scavenge in North America, migrate to Central America. Red-spotted yellowish beaks, winter brown streaks.


#5: American Herring Gull

Elegant heron with blue-gray beak, greenish legs. Juveniles white or gray. Nests in trees, feeds on fish, found in diverse wetland habitats.


#6: Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Large seabirds with distinctive features, Northern Gannets dive for fish in coastal waters. Nesting in Canada and Europe, they migrate widely in winter.


#7: Northern Gannet

Large, pale Barn Owls with heart-shaped faces and dark eyes glide through the night, hunting rats. They nest in various structures across North America.


#8: Barn Owl

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