Top 7 Common Birds of Ohio

Ohio is a birding paradise with 445 species in diverse landscapes. Lake Erie migration showcases thousands of birds. Spot eagles and more in wildlife areas.

Ohio's state bird, Northern Cardinals: red males, brown females, 8.75", 1.6 oz, sing "pichew." Nest in bushes, common in the eastern USA.

Northern Cardinal

11" length, 3 oz weight, 16" wingspan. Crested, blue and gray, nests in trees. Loud calls, intelligent, feeds on acorns and insects.

Blue Jay

10" long, 2.7 oz, 17" wingspan. Gray with brick-red underparts. Distinctive song. Common in North America, forages on lawns and trees.

American Robin

4.3-5.1" long, 0.4-0.7 oz. Males bright yellow, females paler. Diet: thistle, sunflower seeds. Active, visit feeders.

American Goldfinch

12", 4.2 oz, 18" wingspan. Gray, spots, "hooOOA" song. Common in USA, Canada, Mexico. Builds messy nests, mistaken for owl.

Mourning Dove

4.7-6.7" length, 0.4-1.9 oz weight, 7.1-9.4" wingspan. Streaky brown, diverse habitats, distinctive song. 24 subspecies, variable plumage.

Song Sparrow

Small, vocal bird, 5.5" length, .74 oz weight, 7.5" wingspan. Reddish-brown, white eyebrow. Builds cup nest, sings "teakettle.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lined Circle

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