7 Tips To Attract Cardinals To Your Garden

Attract vibrant Northern Cardinals to your backyard! Explore tips in "Best Feeders & Seeds for Cardinals" article. Create a bird haven effortlessly!


Cardinals favor safe yards with dense bushes for quick predator escape. A big backyard provides protective shelter.


Provide Safe Habitat

Domestic cats pose a significant threat to Northern Cardinals due to natural hunting instincts. Keeping cats indoors ensures safety for both birds and pets.


Keep Cats Indoors

Cardinals favor platform feeders for easy access. They share feeders with chickadees and jays in common backyard sightings.


Give them a Feeder they Can Use

Cardinals prefer larger seeds, like sunflower and peanuts. In winter, offer suet and mealworms. Keep feed dry to avoid mold.


Cardinal Feeder Food

Fewer squirrels mean more birds. Squirrels deplete bird food and scare them away. Use squirrel-proof feeders, baffles, and hang feeders high.


Use a Squirrel-Proof Feeder

Ensure cardinals stay by maintaining a consistent food source in your backyard feeders, crucial in fall and winter. Keep feeders filled.


Keep the Feeder Full

Create a butterfly haven in your garden! Attract cardinals with butterfly-friendly plants like snapdragons, hollyhock, and butterfly weed.


Good Butterfly Habitat

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