The 8 Types of Yellow Birds (That You Should Know)

Vibrant American Goldfinches, common backyard birds, display yellow males with black wings and olive females. Seasonal color changes occur.

1. American Goldfinch

Small, yellow songbirds with red streaks on males' underparts. Both genders display yellow tail patches. Markless faces highlight large black eyes.

2. Yellow Warbler

Vibrant males with yellow, black, and orange-red plumage. Females feature a red face and yellow-green body. Found in western USA and Canada.

3. Western Tanager

Large yellow-headed blackbirds, males striking with black and yellow, females duller, forming flocks in the thousands.

4. Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Small, vibrant Common Yellowthroats display black face masks (males) and olive-brown tones (females) with yellow accents. Striking songbirds.

5. Common Yellowthroat

Large finches, males black and yellow, white wing patches. Females gray, greenish-yellow neck, white-and-black wings.

6. Evening Grosbeak

Small songbirds, bold markings, olive-green backs, yellow breasts, gray faces, and long tails.

7. Yellow-Breasted Chat

Vibrant Magnolia Warblers, marked by black streaks and yellow throats, inhabit various landscapes, from parks to forest edges.

8. Magnolia Warbler

Lined Circle

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