The 8 Owls in Georgia That You Can See

Forest resident in Canada, US. 21" long, 42" wingspan. Hoots loudly. Round head, brown feathers, yellow beak.

Barred Owl

Small, ear-tufted owl found in southeastern Canada & eastern USA. Wingspan: 20". Call: "wududududududududududu".

Eastern Screech-Owl

Large, pale owls found in Canada and the USA, nesting in various habitats, known for their distinctive heart-shaped face and hissing call.

Barn Owl

Small owl, 9.5" long, found in Canada, Great Plains, western USA. Makes raspy call, hunts on ground day/night. Nest in burrows.

Burrowing Owl

Summer resident in Alaska, Canada, and western USA. Pale brown with dark eye patches. Nests on ground. Wingspan: 38 inches.

Short-eared Owl

Rare Owls

Small, dark brown with round head. Found in forests. Makes "tu" call. Nests in old woodpecker holes.

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Large white owl, yellow eyes, winters in Canada/USA, nests in Arctic tundra, hunts small animals in open habitats.

Snowy Owl

Migrant in Canada, resident in US, absent from some areas. 15" long, 36" wingspan. Makes "Hooo!" call.

Long-eared Owl

Lined Circle

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