The 8 Most Common Birds of Florida

Cardinalis cardinalis, the vibrant Northern Cardinal, boasts a distinctive red plumage, melodic song, and can be found in the eastern USA, Ontario, and Mexico.

1. Northern Cardinal

Medium-sized, 9.25" woodpecker with striking red head. Forages in trees, nests high, and adapts to urban areas. Recognized by distinctive "Qwerr!" call.

2. Red-bellied Woodpecker

Medium, 12" brown-gray dove, 4.2 oz, 18" wingspan. Recognizable by "hooOOA" song. Common in North America, feeds on seeds, nests in trees.

3. Mourning Dove

10", 1.7 oz. Gray, white, distinctive song. Feeds on insects, berries. Common in Eastern USA, Mexico. Mimics 35 birds. State bird of Florida.

4. Northern Mockingbird

Vibrant, 11" bird, 3 oz, 16" wingspan. Feeds on acorns, insects, mimics sounds. Common in woodlands, forests, towns.

5. Blue Jay

25" long, 2 lbs, 38" wingspan. Red bill, legs. Nests in colonies, feeds on frogs. Coastal, wetland bird with distinct appearance.

6. White Ibis

Large, elegant heron with white plumage. Feeds in wetlands using sharp beak. Audubon Society symbol, once near extinction due to plume hunting.

7. Great Egret

Small, animated bird with red-brown plumage. Distinctive song, builds cup nests in varied structures. Found in Eastern USA and Mexico.

8. Carolina Wren

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