The 8 Backyard and Wild Birds in Pennsylvania

Length 8.75", Weight 1.6oz, Wingspan 12". Beautiful, common birds. Females sing too. Crested, red males; gray females.

Northern Cardinal

10" long, 2.7 oz, 17" wingspan. Gray upperparts, red-white underparts. Eats worms/bugs/berries. Cheerful song.

American Robin

11" long, 3oz, 16" wingspan. Loud "Nyeah!" song. Intelligent, noisy, eats nuts, insects. Crested, blue above, gray below.

Blue Jay

L12" long, 4.2 oz, 18" wingspan. Often mistaken for an owl due to its "hooOOA, hoo, hoo, hoo" song. Lives short lives.

Mourning Dove

Length 17.5", Weight 1 lb, Wingspan 39". Recognizable by "Caw! Caw!" call. Intelligent, urban-dwelling, holds "funerals.

American Crow

Length: 6.25", Weight: 0.7oz, Wingspan: 8.25". Song Sparrows are brown with dark streaks, known for their "seet serate" song.

Song Sparrow

5" long, .46 oz, 9" wingspan. Yellow with black cap. Eats seeds. Builds cup nests. Song: "swit sweet, sipsipsipchichisweetsweet.

American Goldfinch

9.25" long and weighing 2.2 oz, thrives in urban and wild areas, known for its distinctive "Qwerr!" song.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lined Circle

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