State Bird of Missouri - Eastern Bluebird

Missouri's state bird is the Eastern Bluebird. It's the 21st largest state, covering 69,715 square miles with over 6 million people.

The Eastern Bluebird became Missouri's state bird in 1927 due to its joyful symbolism, common presence, and insect-controlling abilities.


Small birds with blue upper parts, found in open areas, nesting in tree holes or boxes. Young have grayish-blue wings.


Eastern Bluebirds use various vocalizations like warbles and screeches for mating, territory marking, and alerting about predators.

Call of Missouri State Bird

Carnivores, eating insects and berries. Social but territorial, mating for multiple seasons, nesting in birdhouses.


Male bluebirds sing silently, showcasing up to 1000 songs/hour to charm mates.


Approximately 70% of bluebirds perish before their first birthday. Yet, the oldest Eastern Bluebird lived 10 years, 6 months.

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