State Bird of Florida - Northern Mockingbird

Florida: Beaches, capital Tallahassee, 20.3M people, 65,755 sq mi. State bird: Northern Mockingbird, medium-sized, distinctive markings.

The Northern Mockingbird, faces replacement after almost 100 years by the American Caribbean Flamingo.


The Northern Mockingbird, is medium-sized with a long tail and distinctive markings including white wingbars.


Both sexes of Mockingbirds mimic other birds' songs and even car alarms. They sing long sequences with varied phrases.


Year-round, territorial birds prey on insects and fruit, displaying aggressive behavior when defending their territory.

Behavior of Florida State Bird

Mockingbirds declined due to 19th-century cage bird trade, fetching $50 per bird (equivalent to $1454.89 today) in cities like St. Louis, New York, and Philadelphia.


Northern Mockingbirds mimic various sounds, learning up to 200 songs in their lifetime. Exceptional singers, they continually add new sounds.

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