Meet the World's Largest Eagle - The Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle, leading in length and wingspan. Females hold records, with average weight 6.5 kg and wingspan 2m.

Who is the Largest Eagle in the World?

Majestic giant with striking brown and white plumage, massive bill, and vibrant yellow feet.

What Does the Philippine Eagle Look Like?

Endemic to the Philippines, faces critical endangerment due to deforestation. Only 180-500 mature individuals remain.

Where Does the Philippine Eagle Live?

Philippine eagle, once called "monkey-eating," eats diverse prey. Not picky, hunts from bats to deer based on local abundance.

Philippine Eagle Diet

Golden Eagle, North America's largest, boasts a 7-13lb weight, 6-7ft wingspan, and builds 5-6ft nests. Bald Eagle exceeds in wingspan at 244 cm.

North America's Largest Eagle: Who?

Bald eagle: Lighter, shorter; 8ft wingspan. Philippine eagle: Longer, heavier; 6.5ft wingspan. Exceptions apply.

Bald vs. Philippine Eagles: Size

Harpy vs. Philippine Eagle. Close match, but real concern is their endangered status, especially the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

Can Harpy Eagle beat Philippine Eagle?

The Philippine Eagle, the world's largest raptor, faces endangerment due to habitat loss and hunting. Less than 500 remain.

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