How Long Do Hummingbirds Live

Hummingbirds, small yet resilient, defy expectations in lifespan. Discover their intriguing life cycle and surprisingly enduring existence.


Most hummingbirds start nesting when they are one year old. Female hummingbirds construct tiny nests with materials like lichens and moss. Eggs, as small as coffee beans, incubate for 2-3 weeks.


After 15 to 20 days, tiny hummingbirds hatch, weighing 0.021 ounces. Mother nurtures, feeds with insects, and nectar. Fledge in 18-20 days, growing 0.01 ounces daily.


After exercising their wings for several days, fledgling hummingbirds swiftly leave, forage, and drink nectar independently.


Hummingbirds become adults at one year of age. They breed, display vibrant plumage, nest, forage, and may migrate or be permanent residents.


Age is elusive in hummingbirds; predators target signs of weakness. Yet, if agile and healthy, older birds mirror the vigor of their younger counterparts.

Detecting Aging in Hummingbirds

On average, in the wild, hummingbirds can live to be anywhere from 7 to 12 years of age. The oldest recaptured female Ruby-throated Hummingbird was nine

How Long Do Hummingbirds Usually Live?

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