Dove Symbolism & Meaning

Doves symbolize love, peace, and messages from the past. Stay attentive to their significance.

Doves symbolize peace in Christianity, unity in Native American culture, and love in Greek mythology.

Meaning & Symbolism

A dove's visit signifies encouragement from loved ones. It brings comfort, prompts harmony in life, and symbolizes peace, love, faith, angels, and God.

Dove Symbolism Unveiled

Doves symbolize spiritual messages, guiding through darkness to light. Representing peace and growth, their presence conveys positivity and comfort.

Spiritual Meaning

Symbolize peace, linked to Olympic ceremonies, biblical references (Noah's Ark), and popularized by Pablo Picasso's art.


Doves symbolize grace in Jesus' salvation and are considered signs of good luck. Grace, not works, saves sinners.


Dove tattoos symbolize peace, victory, love, and family bonds. Popular among Christians, adaptable for both genders, and diverse in size and design.

Dove Tattoo Meaning

Lined Circle

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