Do Birds Have Ears?

Birds hear well with unique ears—round openings, covered by soft feathers. Emus reveal them behind the eyes. Explore bird ears' impressive abilities!

Birds vary in hearing ranges; age affects high pitches. From Dwarf Curassow's 23 Hz to Rufous-faced Warbler's 54,000 Hz. Exceptional bird hearing aids hunting.

How Do They Hear?

Birds use head movements and asymmetrical ears for precise sound detection, crucial for hunting and survival in various conditions.

The Importance of Moving Their Heads

Birds have concealed ears beneath feathers, lacking external structures. Despite being hard to see, these birds do possess ears.

How can birds hear without ears?

Bird ears lack a specific name; simply referred to as "ears".

What are birds’ ears called?

Birds have concealed ears on each side of their heads, behind the eyes. Small, round openings hidden by feathers.

Are there ears for birds?

All bird species possess ears, concealed by feathers for protection and functionality.

Have all birds got ears?

Birds, including parrots, corvids, mynahs, starlings, and mockingbirds, can mimic human speech and diverse sounds in their complex vocal communication.

Do birds hate noise?

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