Bluebird vs Blue Jay: How Different Are They

Bluebird vs Blue Jay: Similar blue feathers, but different families and behaviors. Bluebirds gentle, Jays loud and aggressive.

Bluebirds: 3 species, deep blue with rust-colored breasts. Blue Jays: no sexual dimorphism, white wingbar, black necklace, prominent crest. Different body shapes and bills.

Body & Shape

Bluebirds: 6.3-8.3" long, 0.8-1.1 oz. Blue Jays: 9.8-11.8" long, 2.5-3.5 oz. Blue Jays are larger.


Bluebirds: shorter wingspan (9.8-14.2 inches). Fly low, irregular beats. Blue Jays: longer wingspan (13.4-16.9 inches), level flight, regular strokes.


Bluebirds live up to 10 years, Blue Jays up to 17, with the oldest Blue Jay recorded at 26 yrs, more than double the oldest bluebird.


Bluebirds and Blue Jays differ in behavior. Variations exist among bluebird species too. Keeping it concise due to 150 character limit.

Bluebird vs Blue Jay Behavior

Blue Jays: loud, varied calls; mimicry. Bluebirds: soft warbling songs; distinct species calls.


Bluebirds: Eastern most social, Mountain least. Blue Jays: pair or family groups, migrate in flocks. Jays more aggressive.


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