8 Owls in Florida That You Can Actually See

Medium-sized North American owl with brown plumage, distinctive hooting call, active day and night, nests in trees, feeds on small animals.


Barred Owl

Nocturnal, adaptable, mottled brown/gray, tufted. Eats mammals, birds, reptiles. Inhabits diverse environments. Recognizable by size, ear tufts, strong grip.


Great Horned Owl

Small, long-legged owl, found in Canada, Great Plains, and western USA. Active day and night in open habitats, nests in burrows, common in Florida.


Burrowing Owl

Medium-sized pale owl, heart-shaped face, 42" wingspan. Hunts in open areas, nests in various structures. Recognized by white face and exceptional hearing.


Barn Owl

Medium-sized pale brown owl, distinctive dark eye patches, buff wing patches, active day and night in open fields. Nests on the ground, migrates widely.


Short-eared Owl

Bird droppings, considered lucky in many cultures, symbolize rare connections with spiritual realms. Embrace unexpected positivity.


Long-eared Owl

Small, brown with white streaks, yellow eyes. Inhabits North American forests, nests in woodpecker holes. Recognizable by tooting whistle call.


Northern Saw-whet Owl

Large, white owl with yellow eyes. Inhabits Arctic and open areas. Recognizable by broad wings, round head, and ground nesting. Active during the day.


Snowy Owl

Lined Circle

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