8 Most Popular Birds of Wisconsin 

Small, acrobatic bird with a black cap, white face. Eats insects, seeds. Nests in cavities. Vocal with distinctive "see bee, see bee" song.


Black-capped Chickadee

Large, black bird, 17.5 inches, 1 lb, 39-inch wingspan. Social, intelligent, forages for various foods. Vocal, distinct "Caw! Caw!" call. Common in North America.


American Crow

Vibrant red males, gray-brown females; 8.75", 1.6 oz; distinctive song; feed on seeds and insects; common in the eastern USA.


Northern Cardinal

Small, acrobatic birds; bright yellow in spring, black wings, distinctive song; feed on thistle, sunflower seeds; prefer weedy areas; visit bird feeders.


American Goldfinch

The Blue Jay, Cyanocitta cristata, is a crested bird found in woodlands, known for its loud calls, bright blue plumage, and intelligent, social behavior.


Blue Jay

10" long, 2.7 oz, dark gray, brick red below. Forages for worms, insects; sings cheerful song. Most numerous landbird in North America.


American Robin

12" long, 4.2 oz, "hooOOA" song. Gray-brown, seeds eater, common in various habitats. Builds stick nests, short lifespan.


Mourning Dove

Small, black and white, 6.75", .95 oz. Eats insects, seeds. Nests in trees. Common in Canada and USA. "Pik!" and trilled calls.


Downy Woodpecker

Lined Circle

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