8 Most Common Birds of North Carolina

Here are 7. Explore all 483 bird species in North Carolina's diverse landscapes by following link in last slide.  Identify common birds with our up-to-date list!


Vibrant red males, gray females, forage on ground, sing distinctive tunes, make cup nests in bushes. Common in Eastern USA, state bird of NC.


Northern Cardinal

Small, vocal bird, 5.5" length, .74 oz weight, 7.5" wingspan. Reddish-brown, white eyebrow. Builds cup nest, sings "teakettle.


Carolina Wren

Small, cute bird with black cap, throat; feeds on insects, seeds; nests in tree cavities; found in woodlands, urban areas.


Carolina Chickadee

Large, black bird with broad wings and tail. Omnivorous, social, and intelligent. Range from Alaska to Texas. Loud call: "Caw, Caw, Caw!"


American Crow

Small, blue-gray bird, nests in trees, feeds on insects and seeds, common in NC, known for "peter peter peter" song.


Tufted Titmouse

11in, 3oz, 16in wingspan. Blue/gray plumage, crested, eats acorns, insects. Vocal, nests in trees. Common in US, Canada woodlands.


Blue Jay

9.25", 2.2 oz, 16" wingspan. Notable red head (males), spots (females). Forages on trees, emits "Qwerr!" call, common in Eastern USA.


Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lined Circle

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