Painting with video

Steven Siegeli is at it again, this time tkaing on the role of an impressionist painter.  Here are a couple of comments related to his latest work.

It is possible to apply painting techniques to video. It requires a bit of manipulation, as every clip has its own requirements, but it allows you to resurrect even very old footage from degraded tapes (like the Snowy Egret).

My favorite thing about painting techniques is that I can go overboard with colors. Thus the colorful throat pouches of the chickens in the video. One of the best parts of these effects is what they do to water, and how the backgrounds really do end up looking like Impressionism. 

For best results visit the video on Vimeo and view on as large a screen as possible.

Visit Sam's blog for screen shots from the video.


Monet Goes Birding from Raven On The Mountain Video on Vimeo.