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Wild Bird Videography

Steven Siegel of Raven on the Mountain is our lead videographer.  He publishes a new, outstanding video each month.  His current video is featured below.   Select Raven on the Mountain on the left to see the previous programs.


Birdzilla on YouTube

Both Mark and Sam Crowe regularly contribute videos to the YouTube channel.  Over 50 species are currently featured.

We are also thankful to Maslowski Wildlife Productions.  You will find many of their video files in the Nifty Fifty State bird guides.

Become a Featured Videographer

If you would like to be featured in this section just drop us a note with a link to your web site, Vimeo or YouTube Channel.  We’ll feature a new videographer on the home page and on this page.

Our preference is for movies that are more than just a simple video of one or more bird species, although high quality video illustrating behavior is also very welcome.

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