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Staff Photographer - Glenn Bartley

I have been enchanted by nature and wildlife for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario I can recall countless hours spent glued to National Geographic magazines, natural history books or watching David Suzuki's "The Nature of Things" on TV. Those days I took any opportunity I had to study and learn about animals of all kinds.

Nowadays I often find myself up at the crack of dawn, knee-deep in mud or covered in mosquitoes all in pursuit of capturing just a glimpse of nature’s beauty. Although I enjoy photographing all of mother natures fascinating creatures - I tend to focus on birds. Why birds? I think it's because there are so many species, they can be found almost anywhere, they are challenging to photograph and they are beautiful to watch.

My gear

My primary equipment includes the Canon EOS 50D and 40D camera bodies and an assortment of Canon lenses. By far the lens that sees the most use is the Canon 500mm F4 L coupled with 1.4x and 2x Canon teleconverters. I also use the Canon 70-200mm F4L, the 100mm F2.8 macro lens for close-up work and the 17-40mm F4L for wide angle shots and landscape photography. Ever since reading John Shaw's book "The Nature Photographer's Field Guide" I try to shoot everything using a sturdy tripod. I use the Gitzo 1340 Mk II tripod and either a Wimberly gimbal or Markins M-10 ballhead. I use a variety of Canon flashes including the Canon 550EX with a Better Beamer flash extender, 430EX. For more information about the equipment that I use visit my website.

Up next

I currently reside in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia where I am pursuing my Masters degree in Ecological Restoration.

I will continue to strive to improve my craft, and capture some part of the beauty that surrounds us all. Along the way I look forward to sharing my passion for photography and the natural world with each and every one of you.

To see more of my work please visit – www.glennbartley.com

Meet Glenn and enjoy a few of his photographs from his trips to Costa Rica.