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Featured Photographer - Greg Lavaty

Greg is a well known Texas birder and prolific photographer. You'll find his work on many web sites and in many print publications. He has shared many of his photographs with Birdzilla.  Greg also leads birding trips, specializing in Texas Target Birds.


greg lavaty

Greg does what is necessary to get 'the shot.'

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Sliver-throated Tanager

This beautiful tanager can be found in Costa Rica, Panama, western Colombia and western Ecuador.

The male is mainly yellow.  It has a whitish throat bordered above with a black malar stripe. The back is marked with dark streaks. The wings and tail are black with pale green edgings.

The sexes are similar, but adult females have duller and greener-tinged yellow plumage, and sometimes dark mottling on the crown.

Immatures are much duller and greener, with dusky wings, tail, back streaks and malar stripe, a grey throat and darker green wing edging.

The nest is compact. The normal clutch is two brown-blotched off-white eggs.  In the right conditions it  will raise two broods in a season.

Its call is a distinctive sharp buzzy zzeeep. It does not have a longer song.


Silver-throated Tanager


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