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Featured Photographer Christopher Taylor

My love for nature, wildlife and the outdoors began at a very young age. I would go birding with my father, Monte Taylor, often in very remote locations from Canada to islands near Siberia in Alaska to the Dry Tortugas southwest of Florida. By the time I was 17, I had birded almost all of the states in North America and recorded over 700 different species of birds.

Although in the last 15 years I practically lost all interest in birding and photography (due to more "important" life obligations) that changed when I bought my Digital Rebel and began taking pictures once again. I quickly got bored photographing people and scenery - and found my primary interest to be bird photography. In Oct of 2007, I began taking photography much more seriously with the purchase of my Canon 500mm f/4L lens. And most recently, I finally upgraded to the Canon 1D Mark III in May of 2008.

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