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Featured Photographer - Bill Horn

Bill Horn is a well-known photographer from Oklahoma. Here are a couple of his secrets for finding birds to photograph.

You can enjoy more of his photographs on his web site.

"I'm always on the lookout for some new "hotspot" for photographing birds. My friends and co-workers know this, and at least once a week, someone calls to say they have spotted a particular species somewhere within my home state of Oklahoma. Sometimes the networking pays off, but more often it does not pan out. Also, I have "regular" spots that consistently prove successful. The best spot by far is less than 50 feet from my back door. That's right, my own backyard.

Over 20% of my stock images come from my backyard, which is a two-acre natural bird sanctuary. Located on the edge of suburbia in central Oklahoma, I have created this avian Mecca through placement of carefully selected shrubs, trees, and cover vegetation. I conducted research to ascertain what sort of botanical plants and trees local birds prefer, both as a source of food, and for nesting.In addition, I have a broad assortment of feeders, nest boxes, and birdbaths. Multiple feeders filled with a variety of seeds, nuts, and grain, increases the number of species able to feed concurrently. Larger birds are less likely to scare away small songbirds if there is room for all."

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