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Digiscoping Birds

Digiscoping is bird photography that combines the magnifying power of  a spotting scope with a digital camera.

Digiscoping has become a very popular method for taking photographs of birds. The technique involves marrying a digital camera to a spotting scope. The combination provides extreme magnification for photographing distant birds. When using top quality spotting scopes (prices can range from about $2000 to almost $5000) the quality of the resultant images can be little short of spectacular.  Many digital cameras can also capture  video, a feature that can also be used when digiscoping.

Several of the top spotting scope manufacturers have posted video clips on YouTube that demonstrate the technique.


Nikon - Nikon tutorial on Digiscoping / Telescopic lenses


Zeiss - setting up the adaptor


Taking your first digisscoped image


Choosing a camera for digiscoping


Setting up the Swarovski Digital Camera Adapter