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emerald-bellied woodnymph

Glenn Bartley is a rising star in the world of nature photography and we are very pleased to have him as our staff photographer. After reviewing some of his trip reports and photographs from Ecuador, we think you will agree.

Select one of Glenn’s image galleries from the links on the left.  His trip reports can be reached from the links below or those on the left.>It was quite a trip.

Introduction – January 1, 2009
Greetings and happy New Year everyone!

In a few days I am heading down to Ecuador for a 5 month nature photography expedition. I will be travelling all around the country with one mission – to photograph as many of Ecuador’s amazing birds as possible.

My plan is to start off in the highlands in the northwest part of the country. I will then make my way south and visit some of the Jocotoco foundations reserves. Next I will spend some time in the eastern foothills before heading deep into the Amazon rainforest. Afterwards I will spend a few weeks on the coast and in the western lowlands. I will then head back into the Andes to visit a few more reserves in the highlands before returning to Canada.

Every chance I get I will post images and updates to my travel journal here. You can also find video blog postings, a larger gallery, and my travel journal on my website –

I look forward to sharing this experience and the photographs that I create with you all.


Week 1: Quito, Tandayapa Bird Lodge – January 6 – 12, 2009

Week 2: More Tandayapa Bird Lodge – January 15 – 21, 2009
Week 3-4: Yanacocha, Quito, Paz de las Aves, Scouting mission of NW Ecuador and more Tandayapa Bird Lodge – January 22 – February 7, 2009
Week 5-6: Mindo Cloudforest Foundation’s Milpe Reserve – February 8 – 21, 2009
Week 7: Quito, The Papallacta Pass, Guango Lodge, Antisana and Otavalo – February 22 –March 3, 2009
Week 8: Cuenca – March 3 – 12, 2009
Week 9-10: The South – Buenaventura, Jorupe, Utuana, Tapichalaca and Copalinga… – March 13 – April 3

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