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Bird Watching Information for Children

Birdzilla is full of information for kids of all ages. Professor Bird was specifically made a part of the Birdzilla network to help kids learn about and enjoy birds more. Here are a few of the areas you will find to be especially fun and informative.

Birdzilla Games - have fun playing several classic games as you learn more about birds. Includes Bird Matching, The Quiz Show, and Bird Name Hangman.

Professor Birds FAQ - Visit Profesor Bird's own site to search for hundreds of questions and answers about birds. We will not do your homework for you, but if you can not find an answer to a specific question, you can ask us and we'll try to get an answer for you.

Birdzilla Bird Guide - Looking for information about a particular bird? Visit the Birdzilla Bird Guide for information.

For educators - Visit the Educators page to download free bird flash cards, a Bird Bingo game, coloring pages and more.

Apps and eBooks - Learn about birds by state or species group from one of our apps or eBooks.


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Having fun at an International Bird Day Event 

Environment for the Americas

A great way to learn more about birds is to participate in an International Migratory Bird Day event.  Held annually, these events are a fun way to learn more about birds.   You will also find many additional resources about birds.

Interested?  Visit the Bird Day web site to see what the events are all about.