The small Bufflehead is one of my favorite ducks. It also a favorite of others, as witnessed by this description of the Bufflehead as described in the Bent Life History Series.

Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola) flying in Victoria, BC, Canada.  © Glenn Bartley.

“The propriety of applying the name ” spirit duck” to this sprightly little duck will be appreciated by anyone who has watched it in its natural surroundings, floating buoyantly, like a beautiful apparition, on the smooth surface of some pond or quiet stream, with its striking contrast of black and white in its body plumage and with the glistening metallic tints in its soft fluffy head, relieved by a broad splash of the purest white; it seems indeed a spirit of the waters, as it plunges, quickly beneath the surface and bursts out again in full flight, disappearing in the distance with a blur of whirring wings.”

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