The end of July marks the start of a two week experience to the Pantanal region of Brazil. This is not a dedicated birding trip as I will be traveling with non-birders, my brother Mark, and brother-in-law Roger.

We have hired Fisher Sousa of Wildlife Pantanal Tours to be our guide for the 10 days in the Pantanal. Fisher is an expert birder, which suits me perfectly. We have two days dedicated to searching for Jaguars (Fisher all but guarantees a sighting) plus two days fishing for the famous peacock bass.

I have been considering a new camera for the trip, with my eye on the Sony RX10 IV ($1500). It is an expensive camera and a new version is rumored to be out by the end of the year. So, I decided to save some money down and purchased the Nikon P900 ($420). This bridge camera has a maximum zoom of 2000mm! I also purchased a Spider camera holster that holds the camera on the belt. I have never tried a camera holster but it looks like the prefect choice when carrying both a camera and binoculars. Hopefully I will get some great shots of birds like the Toco Toucan.

Photographed in the Pantanal by Greg Lavaty

Trip report to follow.

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