The 21st International Conference of BirdsCaribbean will take place July 13-17, at Topes de Collantes Nature Reserve Park in Cuba.

Cuban Trogon

Cuban Trogon © Max Schwenne

The five-day conference will bring together participants from the fields of  ornithology, conservation, education, ecotourism, and birding.

The theme of the meeting is “Celebrating the Diversity of the Caribbean.” This theme relates not only to the wonderful diversity of avian species found in the region, but also to the passionate and dedicated scientists and conservationists that work tirelessly to study and protect them. From todies and trogons to parrots, peeps and petrels, there is ample reason why the Caribbean is a biodiversity hotspot.

In addition to the five days of the main conference, there will be pre- and post-conference workshops and field trips to the best bird sites of Cuba.

Visit the BirdsCaribbean Conference Web site for additional information.

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