If you are not familiar with the phrase, the The dawn chorus occurs when birds sing at the start of a new day. This is most noticeable in spring when the birds are trying to attract a mate or defend their territory.  Different species begin to sing at different times of the morning.

Dr Dan Stowell, a research fellow in machine listening at Queen Mary University of London, has been using machine learning to help decipher the sounds in the dawn chorus.   The goal is to both be able to identify a bird but to understand what the birds are trying to communicate to each other.

Dr. Stowell has real eased an app called Warlbr to help identify the songs of British birds.   The app has collected more than 25,000 bird songs, apparently many of them are people imitating the songs of birds.  the software is learning to differentiate between that of a person and that of a bird.

A video presentation of the research is available on the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council web site.

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