Last month, the Boreal Songbird Initiative released a short but important report that helps underscore the importance of Canada’s boreal wetlands. The report, called “Wetland Wonders,” focuses on six specific boreal wetlands zones.

Canada’s boreal forest is home to 25% of the world’s wetland and the largest concentration of wetlands on earth. The report calls upon Canada to increase its wetland conservation for the billions of North American birds that nest there (many of which winter in the US), the caribou populations, and other wildlife that thrive there, and to ensure that 700 years’ worth of Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas emission are kept safe in the ground.

The entire boreal region faces stresses of industrial development (logging, mining, hydro-power, and oil and gas – including tar-sands extraction), transportation, agriculture, and settlements. These factors demonstrate the need to conserve large portions of the boreal forests to create a sustainable balance.

The six carbon-rich wetland regions that are described in the report significantly contribute to global bird life, provide healthy habitat for caribou, and are either in need of conservation planning or are still awaiting final, permanent protection designation.

You can download the 11-page report in PDF format.

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